Author: Rita Garcia
Publisher: Amore Publishing
ASIN: B00B9O2U86

God is not a subject I am real good at these days. I give myself a pep talk how life continues. Then I think about Geoff or I see a reminder of him, and I can’t find a reason to take another breath,” Jezzica explains in Rita Garcia’s book in her Serenity Cove series, Tangerine Morning: Jezzica’s Story.

Targeted toward readers who enjoy clean Christian romance, this book contains two hundred and four pages, with the last thirty-plus of them dedicated to two chapters of the first book in the series. Having no profanity, overtly sexual scenes, or extreme violence, the New Living Translation of the Bible is referenced.

In this tome, widowed Jessica Leigh is still angry that the police have never caught the killers who gunned down her husband five years ago during a carjacking. She misses Geoff every day of her life, turning away from God due to loneliness, pain, and grief. To try to clear her tragic memories and start over, she moves to Serenity Cove, a small, cozy seaside town where everyone knows everyone’s business. There she attempts to settle down, buying the old Sea Glass Bookshop to keep her occupied.

Fairly new to the area, Detective Zack Johnston also tries to put his romantic past behind him, skittish to trust any woman again. Yet when he meets Jessica, sparks start to fly that he does not want to stop, especially when tries to help find who has been following the new resident.

While Jessica vents her frustration towards the inadequacy of the police finding her husband’s killer, she emotionally rides a roller coaster of Zack’s charm and perseverance. Having her sister come stay with her due to difficulties in her twenty-five year marriage, the widow must reconsider her attitude toward God and the concept of falling in love again.

Although very predictable with a happily-ever-after romantic ending, Garcia shows the heartbreak of losing those loved via infidelity or death and how to move on, knowing God is in control. With some of the pivotal scenes rushed or shortened by thinking there is more to read at the end, readers still get caught up in the characters in this series involving Serenity Cove.

Thanks to CWA Review Crew for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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