Author: Steve Kubicek
Publisher: Summit Partners, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9848426-4-3

The night Papa had his stroke, he was really angry. He read something to me from Washington’s Inaugural Address about God’s invisible hand shaping America, and he was really angry that the same hand didn’t save my parents,” Aspen explains in Steve Kubicek’s novel, Visibly Struck.

At three hundred and sixty pages, this paperback book is targeted toward readers who enjoy historical fiction with a blend of time traveling to the beginning of the United States of America and dealing with the premature loss of loved ones. With no profanity or sexual scenes, there is wartime violence that includes killing along with scalping by Indians.

In this progressive tome, Stephen “Spitz” Spitzen used to love God. But all that changed seventeen years ago when his only son and daughter-in-law were killed in a fiery plane crash and then his wife died, leaving him to take care of his young granddaughter, Aspen. 

Now a young adult finance professional, Aspen loves her Papa dearly, even though he has become bitter, challenging God on why He took his wife and family years ago. Venting his anger, the avid historian of George Washington pursues his new “case study” to prove that God was not involved in the founding of our country.

When Spitz has a stroke and succumbs to a coma, he is repeatedly transported through a tunnel of lights back in time to witness Washington as major, lieutenant colonel, general, and president. Not allowed to alter history, Spitz observes and journals the signs, mercies, and interventions directed to Washington by the Almighty. 

With a plethora of meticulous research, Washington and others’ quotes and letters are weaved throughout the dialogue to confirm the great man’s dependence, devotion, and reliance on God. From the Virginia frontier to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey to track war battles, family deaths, and personal relationships of our first president, Spitz must come to terms that God is in control and knows all, protecting with His love, mercy, and grace.

While Spitz fights for his life both in the past and present, Aspen must also come to terms on where and how God is directing her, especially when it concerns her new business partner. 

With an over-whelming historical background, bullet points of Spitz’s well-founded observations, a recapitulation of the time-traveling at the end, and detailed endnotes, readers easily become caught up with seeing God’s invisible hand in each human’s life, perhaps reflecting on their own. 

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