Author: Dina Di Mambro

ISBN: 9780615572697

Have you ever wondered why someone would risk everything they have worked for to permanently get rid of another person, one who is an embodiment of high status and wealth? Have you ever asked yourself who killed Superman or if he ended his life on his own terms? Even if neither question has crossed your mind, this book will grip you from the beginning.

From the moment my eyes scanned the first heading of the first chapter of True Hollywood Noir: Filmland Mysteries and Murders (which simply reads “MURDER”), I was enticed to continue on. It is understandably easy to feel discouraged from purchasing a book about silver screen stars one has no prior knowledge of, but Ms. Di Mambro does an excellent job of providing enough proper back story for the reader to feel as though he/she is in the past watching the tragic events unfold.

When one thinks of “Film Noir,” perhaps the words “elegance,” “class,” or “sophistication,” might come to mind in black and white. Behind the scenes and in color, however, there were many secrets amongst the adored men and women known in the film industry. Between mob hits, extra marital affairs, and well-hidden agendas to overthrow power, Di Mambro paints a marvelous picture while also providing her reader with theories of what could have really happened or who could have had reasons to commit these various crimes. Di Mambro leaves very little to the imagination when it comes to the carefully shielded lives and deaths of the movie stars and even a couple of big name gangsters, and gives the reader enough information to draw conclusions about the fateful nights of these still beloved names in True Hollywood Noir. 

In this intriguing title, she not only covers the unresolved murder of William Desmond Taylor, the mysterious death of Thomas Ince, or the untimely death of Jean Harlow and the suicide of her husband, Paul Bern, but the author touches base on Thelma Todd, Bob Crane, and Robert Blake (to name a few) as well.

Dina Di Mambro; being a journalist, research consultant, film historian, and entertainment writer among other things; is more than qualified to tell the stories that deserve to finally have this revealing light shed on them, and it shows with her writing. In composing this book, Ms. Di Mambro does justice to the memories of these stars who tragically had their lives ripped from them.

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