Author:Melinda Field

Publisher:Wise Woman Ink

ISBN: 978-0-9762008-3-3

                                             The Yee-Haw Sisterhood

This is a novel on the lines of The Divine Secrets of the  Ya-Ya Sisterhood.” The difference is that the action is set in the Green Valley in northern California. Besides, the main characters are relatively older women, who enjoy a mutual love for horses and go riding together. The events in this book are played out over the timespan of a year.

Emma, Lilly, Clare, Midnight and Briar form a group of women who love to meet and ride together. Lilly calls them the “Yee-Haw Sisterhood” in allusion to the “horsy” nature of the interaction. Together, they form a pillar of support in the relatively closed, and small rural community. Emma is a trained nurse-midwife and very much in demand. Lilly and Clare are married to local farmers with teenaged children going to the local school. Briar, the youngest, is childless and works with temperamental horses, she is somewhat of a horse whisperer. Midnight also has a teenaged son going to the local school. She comes from the Native American community.

Enter Cat into this rural community.She comes to live with her grandmother, who is also of Native American descent and a good friend of Emma. Cat is a fatherless sixteen year old. She comes to her grandmother, because her mother is under detention and she (Cat) has nowhere else to go. Circumstances conspire to bring Cat to live with Emma, on a long term basis. She becomes an integral part of the “Yee-Haw” group as the year unfolds. The rest of the year is bittersweet. There are births,(both equine and human), death, rape, judicial proceedings, a love interest,and an exceptionally moving encounter with a mountain lion among others.

For me, personally, it was the element of Native-American wisdom that finds expression within the succession of events in the life of this small community, where people live close to the land, that was most memorable in the reading experience. This wisdom is made explicit in a few key incidents,but most significantly, in connection with the mountain lion encounter.

This book has been written by one who loves the Earth. One who is familiar with the land and the changes that appear with the seasons. The pace of the events outlined are set within the backdrop of these seasonal variations and take on a reality all their own.

This is a book to read and reread to imbibe its full flavour. The plot is character driven and almost demands a sequel.This book brings to focus that special brand of people, who might be called “the Salt of the Earth”.

Read it and be enchanted.

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