Editor: Sports Illustrated Kids
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-618-93039-2

Many children like to know numbers, especially of their favorite sports teams, sports heroes or the sports themselves. Some enjoy learning amazing, strange or important statistics from decades ago or those that happened more recently. In Sports Illustrated Kids’ book, STATS! The Greatest Numbers in Sports, one can learn a plethora of information about a myriad of sports.

This one hundred and twenty-eight page square paperback book is over-sized and targeted toward elementary and middle school aged children but can be enjoyed by any aged sports enthusiast. With big, clear, expressive photographs along with bright catchy numbers and bold posts, it also includes a two page index, alphabetized by sport and then by last name or topic.

Divided into five sections, every type of sports is included from baseball, basketball, football and soccer to golf, hockey, horse racing, motor sports, surfing and tennis along with the Olympics and X Games. The sections include unbreakable records, amazing feats, champions, fast and furious and odd numbers. From one quarter to two full pages are dedicated to the person, team or sport fact with both close up and panoramic images.

As a teaser, here are some examples from each division:

Unbreakable Records – Baseball player Joe DiMaggio had a hit in fifty-six consecutive games when he played with the New York Yankees in 1941.

Amazing Feats – It took a record eleven hours and five minutes for the Wimbledon tennis match in 2010 between winner John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.

Champions – Jack Nicklaus still holds the record for eighteen major golf tournaments from 1962 to 1986, winning his last one at age forty-six, the oldest to ever win the event.

Fast and Furious – Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson ran the highest number of rushing yards in football of two hundred and ninety-six in 2007 against the San Diego Chargers.

Odd Numbers – The weight of the 2012 Summer Olympic gold medal was four hundred grams, containing at least six grams of real gold.

With all the interesting photographs and short, concise paragraphs about each feat with noticeable numbers, anyone, young or old, will appreciate this well thought out, informative book. For the child or adult fascinated with both sports and trivia, this makes a great gift.

This book was furnished by the Goodman Media in lieu of an unbiased review.

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