Author: Vicki Watson
Publisher: Morris Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9847242-2-2

When I look at the real Scamper, I know that someone very intelligent created him. Carrie and I have spent the last two weeks learning about how specially the horse was designed from the bottom of his hooves to the tips of his ears,” Rosie explains in Vicki Watson’s third Sonrise Stable series book, Clothed With Thunder.

This one hundred and thirty-six page paperback book is targeted toward preteen to young teens, especially girls or those who love horses. Based as a Christian tome, there is no profanity, sex or violent scenes so it would be acceptable for homeschoolers to read too. Becky Raber has several black and white illustrations that correlate to the storyline throughout the book. At the end of the story, there is a teaser for the fourth book, a five page section about horses and a website promotion about horses, creation and the Bible.

In this third book, Rosie loves having Cassie, her newly adopted sister, hanging around as they take care of their horses and are involved in a 4-H club. While watching a demonstration at the club about evolution and how horses evolved from other animals, both girls decide to research and give a talk about creation.

At the same time, a nearby rundown farm complete with a barn, stable and riding arena is up for auction next to their aunt’s house. The girls beg their father to put in a bid on the property and he does, but another man wins the bid initially.

While Rosie and Cassie learn about irreducible complexity, platelets, carbon data, and potassium while researching evolution, they also learn how complex the horse is by having usually eighteen pair of ribs, legs that include frogs and soles and both monocular and binocular vision. Determined, the girls give their presentation but feel it falls on deaf ears when they mention the Creator.

Billy, a teen who abused Rosie’s horse in a prior book, comes to help out on the farm and Rosie has to learn forgiveness and grace instead of ignoring and hating him. With the family joining together, they fix the newly acquired land and learn how God has blessed them.

As a stand-alone read, this yarn is as engaging as it is educational as one learns about getting along with each other and how wonderfully God made horses. There could easily be future interesting books showing the adventures of Rosie and Carrie.

This book was furnished by Christian Review Crew in lieu of an unbiased review.

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