Author: Cathryn Kemp

Publisher: Piatkus

ISBN: 978-0-7499-5806-0

What a journey! Cathryn Kemp’s book, Painkiller Addict: From Wreckage To RedemptionMy True Story is an angst filled journey through the gates of hell and up the slippery slopes of recovery. This book makes it possible to see how easy it is to fall into addiction. After the first few pages, I found this gripping tale hard to put down.

Kemp, a successful travel writer, was suddenly stricken by a painful condition, pancreatitis. After years of hospitalization and surgeries all she has is a prescription for a powerful painkiller to help her manage the pain and have some semblance of a normal life. Add to her physical pain, the agony of emotional deceit and a broken heart and the threat of death at any moment, and you will understand the road that led to as Kemp correctly states, ‘wreckage’.

It is also a story of love. It may help you believe in love even if you didn’t. To have found someone to love you and stick by you when you are at your worst is the essence of a true love story. The love of family is also vividly played out as you watch the interaction between Kemp and those closest to her.

There were moments when I wanted to scream at her to stop as I saw the destruction that lay ahead. Miss Kemp is indeed a talented writer as she paints in living colors the anguish of her physical and emotional pain. Sometimes I felt myself being drawn completely into her world, sometimes even sensing the agony of moving a limb.

Kemp’s hard won triumph at the end leaves you wanting to cry as you cheer her on. It is also evident that you have met someone who you care deeply about, someone you want to stay with, if only to encourage her when the journey gets difficult. You will find yourself wishing her well and hoping that her victory over addiction will continue.

I decided to review this book as I figured it would give me some insight into how someone could get addicted to prescription drugs. After reading Miss Kemp’s memoir, I can clearly see the path to a slow descent into addiction and the difficulty in clawing one’s way back. It was easy to see how a successful, intelligent person could find themselves in the clutches of drug addiction.

At the end one cannot help but applaud Miss Kemp for her honesty and bravery. Her bravery is evident not only in fighting this demon and winning, but also for being willing to bare her soul to the world in the hope that her story would save even one person from addition.

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