Author: Sean Salazar
Publisher: Book Publishers Network
ISBN: 978-1-937454-81-4

Both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament avow that the secrets of the Future are imbedded in the past. The secret of the End of Days is encoded within the ancient writings and books that were used to create the Bible,” Sean Salazar writes in his novel, The Babylon Prophecy Book 2: Beneath the Temple.

At three hundred and twenty-three pages, this paperback book is the second in a nine-part epic about the end of the world. Targeted toward readers who love suspenseful action, international intrigue, violence and military tactics, it may be best enjoyed by young adult males. With no overtly sex scenes but plenty of profanity, there are innuendos, sometimes campy dialogue and repetition of the storyline. It can easily be put down and picked up later without losing track.

Following the first book in the series, CIA sniper, Al Robek has uncovered not only strange statues, Freemasons’ remains and coded writings under the White House lawn, a second bomb is located in the underground tunnels. When his ex-girlfriend Jess, a possible double agent, shoots several members of the team, Al has to find the source of the cellphone text that started the killings.

In this tome, chain-smoker team member Vance, the aged war veteran British Ed Collins and his helpful widowed assistant Betty along with a young college student try to beat the clock to stay one step of ahead of massive knights on horses they believe are connected to the ancient order of the Brotherhood.

While Freemasons’ try to direct Al in locating more of the Holy Script and its interpretation, the man on a mission more than once encounters the rogue Jess. As he crisscrosses America through numerous underground and underwater tunnels, taking trips to a Virginia cemetery, a Georgian university and Teton's lakes and mountains, he starts putting the ancient global world domination theory together.

Continuing to find hidden clues in Old Testament Bible verses, the group locates artifacts and scrolls connected to the Knights Templar, the Templar Fleet, the Vatican and even Christopher Columbus.

As the Brotherhood, Freemasons and a rebel faction of the Vatican volley for position spiraling toward Armageddon, the book becomes a Biblical treasure hunt for Al and his team as they search for answers. Although Salazar has so many persons, places and things juggling with a dangling ending, the reader wonders what parts are true to today’s controlling worldwide sects and what are sheer fantasy.

This book was furnished by the publicist for review purposes.

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