Author: Yvonne Arroyo
Illustrator: Carl Wanzung
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-0369-2

No sooner had she closed the door,
There came a most upsetting roar.
Oscar went to their room to see
His babies screaming fitfully.
No matter how he tried, he failed
To quell their weepy, woeful wail.
He picked one up, another cried,
No matter how he lullabied.”

Yvonne Arroyo writes in her children’s book, How the Octopus Got Eight Arms – Two Arms Are Never Enough.

This forty-six page paperback book is approximately seven inches wide by ten inches tall and has a very colorful front cover of a purple octopus groom hugging a blushing shark bride. Targeted toward preschool aged children and older, some of the more complicated words may be hard for a beginner reader. Carl Wanzung does a great job with plenty of expressive illustrations in colored pencils, pastels and water colors that cover the entire page.

In this fanciful, rhyming tome, Oscar the Octopus is like all other octopi of his day by having only two arms. When Oscar meets the beautiful Sharkey McGhee, they fall madly in love even though she is a shark. They go for strolls on the ocean floor, dine at underwater restaurants, and watch “m-ocean” pictures. Soon the odd couple marry and have eight newborn children, an equal number both sharks and octopi.

When Sharkey has to leave home to visit her sick mother, Oscar is left alone to take care of the eight young ones. Exhausted from handling his charges, he calls his wife and she comes home immediately to take care of him. When Oscar is taken to the doctor because he has passed out, he gets attached six additional arms to help him take care of the children again. With the extra “help,” the Oscar and Sharkey family live happily ever after.

Although children may think octopi once originally had two arms and that they can reproduce with sharks by reading this fictional story, it is easily understandable that often we wish had more than two arms to do our daily chores or take care of others. This is an innocent read that, if explained correctly and appropriately, can show that it is good to help others, that doctors can make us better and that love crosses boundaries. A young one will enjoy looking at the many different underwater creatures depicted in the background as they listen to the story.

This book was furnished by the author for review purposes.

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