Author. Judith Diana Winston

Publisher:Chewut Press


            An Exercise in Serendipity and Judicious Timing

This is a book of epic proportions.

It questions the very basis of  reality that most of us experience, showing, as never before, the real truths, veils and myths that lie behind and serve as a bulwark of our civilization, as we know it. It has been written at various levels of consciousness, much of it, describing events experienced during the dream state. If there ever was a book that stretches the borderline between dream consciousness and the kind of experiential solidity that is carried by a physically conscious state, nay even further, this would be it.

Cassie Wolfe is a successful fashion photographer in Los Angeles, who is inveigled by Fate into taking a trip with a group of tourists to Egypt as their photographer. Dormant memories of a past life start to surface, right from her visit to the tourist office. Once in Egypt, she is given access to a diary, in an unexpected manner, the contents of which revolutionize her value systems, as much as they engage her interest. They drive her to question her understanding of the  physicality-being -all experience. As she cannot deny the authenticity of the contents of the diary, the events recorded therein, awaken cellular memories within her. Gradually, she senses that she has been in love with the writer of the diary, David,in an earlier life even though she has never met him in this lifetime and has no notion of either his surname or his whereabouts.

The diary continues to be Cassie’s primary focus, as she unearths a key task made in a lifetime in Atlantis that she was destined to complete in this one, in consonance with David. This realization comes to her after some more excursions to some power spots in Peru, Bolivia, the British Isles, Mexico, Easter Island and finally Egypt where the grand finale is set to happen.

During this period of intensive travelling to sacred spots on the planet, Cassie learns several things that are key to her completing her mission that was left undone during her lifetime in Atlantis. She learns of the existence of Dark Forces and how the perpetual struggle between Dark Forces and the Forces of Light maintain the balance of Life on the planet. She learns to see how the above forces operate and she also learns to open up to people who genuinely wish her well. Further she learns to be comfortable with herself, to look within and to trust the process of Life to provide her with answers at the exact time they are needed. She experiences this especially before and during her travelling when all her requirements were provided for by seemingly unfathomable coincidences, “Time warped to accommodate me”.

Cassie also learns of extraterrestrial beings from the Pleiades that are here to help raise the collective consciousness of the Earth,. She begins to dabble with glyphs associated with sacred stone formations. Her glyphs are structures based on sacred geometry and they carry codes that speak directly to the soul, bypassing the rational mind. In addition, she learns about the Earth’s ley lines and how power spots can be found at places where these lines cross. She discovers that by being at some of these power places, she could activate a massive healing at other far off places.

Finally Cassie or Diantha (her spiritual name) gets to meet David and they both, not without a struggle, manage to complete the task they had set themselves. They do this with the  elegance and grace that come out of a total acceptance of themselves, flaws and all. In the end, even the Dark Forces are embraced by the healed Earth, as they have lost their potential to wreck the same kind of Evil under the prevailing circumstances.

This book has immense relevance today. The first is that it gives a clear take on the kind of “all-inclusive” feminine consciousness needed to solve the most pressing problems that come into being because of aggressive, hierarchial,  one-up-manship, male thinking. One also gets a glimpse at the face of Evil in this world. It is a face many recognize, though its’ ramifications that are explored, may not be all that evident. The pace of events in this book is perfectly measured and seem eminently plausible, which, considering the multidimensional nature of the material is a real achievement.

All in all, a stupendous read and an elegant addition to any slightly futuristic bookshelf.

Highly recommended.

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