Author: Brent N. Hunter

Publisher: Spirit Rising Productions

 ISBN: 0-9714028-3-3

Library of Congress Control Number: 2011916994

                                     A Bridge- Across Individual and Collective Humanity

The intention of the Rainbow Bridge book is to create a bridge that will help humanity from our current world filled with poverty and violence to a wisdom-based global culture of unprecedented love, compassion, reconciliation, peace, harmony, unity and abundance”- Brent N. Hunter.

So reads the first paragraph from the introduction to this book.

The name “The Rainbow Bridge” according to the author, was chosen as the title for two reasons. “The concept of a rainbow was because it is a universal phenomenon... and represents unity - from a multitude of uplifting colors, a single rainbow exists. The concept of a bridge ....allows us to get from one place to another. Bridges always bring two sides together.... The Rainbow Bridge is a universal bridge for all of humanity.”

The author has been a seeker of genuine spirituality since his boyhood days. Having had a mixed parentage (Muslim- Jewish) and having been brought up as a Christian by a father who had an intense interest in meditation and Buddhism, the author presents in this book, a distilled form of the perennial wisdom of all the religious perspectives he could find in order to reveal “universal principles that apply to everyone”. He also draws on his own repository of “several years of extremely experiences, in which he kept “notes of what I considered to be of vital importance”. This book also contains the “information, knowledge and wisdom gained while navigating through and beyond these rough waters”.

The material in this book is mostly divided into short chapters, each rarely longer than a page, as in Hugh Prather’s “Notes to Myself”. These chapters echo the author’s universal truths in lucid and evocative prose. They are also illustrated with quotes by eminent people whenever appropriate. However, in contrast with “Notes to Myself”, these chapters (notes) are geared to focus on the connection between one wo/man and her/his relation with others.

As a whole, this book exhorts the individual to come out of his/her shell and find the spiritual connection between himself/herself and all of humanity. It is therefore, of great relevance in these precarious and challenging times when public trust in institutions is running low. Clarion calls of prominent people e.g. Al Gore are also highlighted. These calls to action are preceded by some speculation as to the reasons behind the dismal state of affair in the world today, and how changing our mindset can go a long way towards clearing up the mess in which we find ourselves.

This book makes  delightful reading. For those, who like their chapters short and sweet, yet insightful, this is absolutely a book for you. It also imparts a universal global perspective on the ills that plague humanity and as to what can be done to alleviate the same.

Warmly recommended.

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