Author: Bob Blackman

ISBN: 978 0 9555927 1 3

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Bob Blackman has done it again – delivered a rapid-paced, rollicking good fun, ride of a story. Mr. Blackman’s second book, The Wormton Lamb, returns us to the land of Anarchadia. This time we find our heroes in the placid countryside and small towns far from the bustling city.

Billy Brockhouse hates the Wold and he hates manure. It seems to be everywhere he steps. All Billy wants in life is to break into the growth hormone market and be BiggaBeast’s number one salesman. But what does he get? Manure! Always manure!

In rides the intrepid soul trader, Nicholas Eldrich Hob, on his super-powered motorcycle, Nosferatu, with the promise to solve all Billy’s problems if he’ll only trade a small little thing he doesn’t even notice all that much – his soul.

What results from their ill-considered negotiation tumbles the inhabitants of the Wold in general and the town of Wormton in particular into an out-of-control romp through quiet pastures, over rolling moors and right into the middle of town. The Wormton lamb is not a gentle pet you’ll want to bring home to your children.

Before all is said and done the town of Wormton will see the return of the Wild Hunt, be invaded by the Rural Marinas – the militia – and be besieged by the Wormton lamb itself.

It’ll take the energetic endeavors of a budding horsepower whisperer, a beautiful nurse, Wormton’s wise woman, a squad of guardian angels, every motorized vehicle they can get their hands on, and a cat to roust out this overgrown beast and restore the Wold to tranquility. But wait! What are those soul traders doing here?

Will they collect what they desire most? Can true love be found in the midst of near-panic and the Wild Hunt? Will the Wold ever be the same?

Mr. Blackman took what he knows and loves best, and turned it into a great read filled with belly laughs, irreverent commentary on life, the world, history, and society in general. He tossed the whole mix together to create a quick-paced, engrossing novel. His quirky characters are outrageous and believable at the same time. The events in his story are beyond belief but wildly entertaining.

The Wormton Lamb, while not as frantic- paced as Mr. Blackman’s first book, The Horsepower Whisperer, keeps the reader guessing and turning page after page until the very, last word. This reader can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next!

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