Author:  Gail Graham

ISBN: 978-0-692-00100-4

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Sarah Andrews stopped living the day her husband, Charles, died. Oh, she didn’t end her existence; she simply stopped the “living” that makes life worthwhile. She did everything she was supposed to: paid the bills, did the shopping, read her books, but most of the time she worked at getting to the end of the day and not feeling the pain.

The one day she decides to end her existence. . .

She’s left this morning’s newspaper open on the kitchen table and her unwashed dishes from last night in the sink. People will think she intended to do the housework later, after her swim. What she does, most days , is sit by herself in the house sipping red wine from one of Charles’ goblets as one by one the minutes drop away like water from a leaking faucet until the sun goes down and the street lights come on, and she can go to bed.”

But this day is different. The ocean beckons. Sarah decides to swim out as far as she can go and never come back. She heard once drowning doesn’t hurt. She wants to find an end to her emptiness and pain.

What Sarah finds instead is a hand reaching out to hers and a young guide who takes her not to a painless end but to a new world, a parallel world, at the bottom of the ocean. Bantryd is a young girl who believes with Sarah’s help she can find her own mother, who disappeared to the world above years before.

Sarah thinks is it’s nothing but an unbelievable dream, yet she finds herself guardian to a complete innocent, who has no concept of Sarah’s physical world. How does one explain the basics of life: clothing, eating, taste buds, traffic, police, television? Bantryd has no knowledge or understanding of any of these. Sarah is hard pressed to help her fit in, what is to her, an alien world. Through adventures and misadventures Sarah and Bantryd collide with disbelief and reality building to a startling climax. Which world will Sarah choose?

Sea Changes is filled with a sweet naiveté that is rare in our world of brash reality and conditioned acceptance of the loss of innocence. The book is filled with a gentle yearning toward understanding and a strong longing for fulfillment once owned and now lost. Even with its easy pace, tension and suspense build until the reader can’t put the book down and the final page is read.

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