Trade Like the Little Guy is targeted towards the small trader with advise and techniques specifically for the small investor unlike the plethora of books in the market which seeks to provide advise which has worked primarily for large investors.

L.A. Little states upfront the guiding principles of money management namely capital protection, risk management, simple tools to monitor and make investment decisions, and active portfolio management.

L.A. starts from defining who a small trader is and builds the case about how trading a small portfolio vastly differs from professional money management and how vast improvements in information and trading costs makes it possible for the small trader to consistently make profits if they adopt a disciplined approach.

Although the book takes a technical approach to trading, LA starts from fundamentals
for the benefit of a new trader explaining difference between fundamental and technical approaches, how these methods are different, and how a small trader with limited resources should pick and choose an approach where he/she has an advantage.

Having established a solid basis for the small trader, LA discusses the different stages in the market cycle and links the trader's own trade cycle to the market cycle.

LA then describes the practical steps in implementing a trading portfolio including generating trade ideas and the type of trading orders available to implement the ideas. Useful guideline on using simple techniques such as watch lists are covered in this context.

The book carefully explains the construction of a trade by predefining risks and protecting the position from very adverse moves in the stock or the market. Useful indicators such as risk to reward ratios and how to use them for effective trade sizing is explained.

The crucial importance on risk management for a trader has been rightly emphasized. The author describes the various sources of risk and what an investor can do to protect the portfolio. Actively managing the position as the trade progresses highlights this aspect clearly.

LA disabuses many of the commonly marketed techniques such as dollar cost averaging which usually prove to be a big drag on a traders profits. The reader will benefit from the author's advise on analyzing one's own performance and other related aspects such as using leverage in the trading portfolio.

The complete trading process is described comprehensively by taking a recent example which takes the reader step by step from trade preparation till the unwinding of the trade.

The book provides a small trader with a complete framework, techniques, and plenty of great advise to implement a trading portfolio. Further, LA shares his significant experience in trading which should help a diligent reader in the right way to becoming and disciplined and profitable trader.

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