Author: Ronald L. Webster

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Unknown

ISBN: 978-1468004908


“’Stuttering just happens in some children,’ he explained. He assured her that children who stutter are just like other kids – they just happen to have trouble talking,” the doctor explains in Ronald L. Webster’s children’s book, Katie – The Little Girl Who Stuttered and Then Learned to Talk Fluently.

This unnumbered but around forty pages, over-sized paperback book depicts a colorful drawing of children happily talking while a girl sits pondering by a tree on the front cover. The back cover has several paragraphs about the book, its contents and the author along with the author’s photograph and some smaller drawings of a girl practicing speaking. With no illustrator noted, there are several full page drawings that correspond with the page’s storyline. Sometimes only sentences cover both sides of the page that have a starry background. With no profanity or scary situations, the book is targeted toward kindergarten age and more experienced young readers. 

This tome is about Katie, a fun, happy six year old girl whose favorite game is hide-and-seek in the park because she does not have to speak. Having severe stuttering, she is scared, lonely and frustrated that she cannot talk out loud to her parents or friends. Whenever she speaks, the words cannot come out or do not sound right. When she starts school, she is made fun of the way she talked, making matters worse.

One day her mom and Katie were watching television and heard how Doctor Webster could help correct stuttering issues. They fly to Roanoke, Virginia and the little girl takes several tests. The doctor gives her therapy sessions of saying short words using stretchy sounds, taking full breaths before speaking and learning voice control. After a lot of hard practice and working with a computer program, Katie learns how to speak all over again and goes back to school and talks normally, without stuttering. 

Author/Doctor Ronald L. Webster does an excellent job explaining his speech therapy at a level both children and parents can comprehend. His nonprofit center, Hollins Communications Research Institute, has helped over six thousand people from forty-eight countries overcome stuttering problems. At the end of this book, there is a letter from a woman who this story is about and how she had a young daughter who had the identical problem but she also used the doctor’s techniques so now no longer stutters.

Although the book is lengthy for a beginner reader, it not only teaches there is hope when one stutters, but that other children need to understand this common problem can often be corrected.

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