Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

ISBN: 978-0-316-03759-4

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Maximum Ride and her flock of bird kids return in this fifth installment of James Patterson’s popular series. It is no surprise that Max’s mission is still to save the world, no less. With only slight chagrin she says it herself: “I’ve been told that my mission in life is to save the world. No pressure or anything.”

Shortly after returning from adventures in Antarctica [The Final Warning] the flock is presenting an air show in California to rally support for the Coalition to Stop the Madness [CSM], a group dedicated to reducing pollution, to ending the madness that threatens to destroy the planet.

During the show a lone sniper sets his sights—literally—on Max, and pulls the trigger. The shot fired from the sniper’s rifle simultaneously ends the air show and begins the next crisis for Max, her five flock members and a fledging Scottie named Total, a name not without echoes of another fictitious pooch trapped in a maelstrom that spun him into adventures beyond the borders of his home state.

Shortly after the near-disaster at the air show, Max’s mother, veterinarian Dr. Valencia Martinez, is kidnapped by the villainous Mr. Chu. Max’s attempts to find and rescue her mother are likely to be way stations along her route to—you know—saving the world.

A new army of evil minions has been created to capture/destroy Max and the flock, half mechanical creations Max quickly dubs M-Geeks. However, Max evolves new abilities of her own that allow her to fight back. She is also aided by hideous, but huggable, mutants with the “ability to create industrial-strength snot.”

Complicating matters for Max on a romantic level is scientist Brigid Dwyer’s blatant interest in Fang who moves “like a black panther with wings.” Self-deprecating as ever, Max describes her own charms as “brown hair and eyes like unbarfed chocolate.” Consequently, she doubts she’s a match for Brigid.

The showdown of this novel occurs near Hawaii, beneath part of the ocean that has been the scene of mysterious happenings—the requisite dead fish, uncharacteristic behavior of seabirds, and what might, or might not, be a mountain that occasionally surges up from the ocean floor.

No doubt, another Maximum Ride novel will follow this one. There are still villains abounding and Max has not yet saved the world.

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