Author: Cederick Tardy
Publisher: Cederick Tardy Enterprises
ISBN: 9780979230127

If you are a single mother you may be wondering what the secret is to raising an educated, respectful and hard working son. It's apparent that it requires a lot of hard word, tough love and open communication. Author Cederick Tardy has a first hand point of view that he expresses within The Seven Secrets.

Tardy's seven secrets require mothers to teach self confidence, be a provider, communicate and trust, set rules, teach grooming habits, discuss their vision and finally maintenance. He breaks each of these down in chapters in addition he debunks the stereotypes of boys that are raised by single mothers. Tardy reaches out to his target audience and asks if they are developing belief building habits. He also asks readers to view his online videos in a call to action. He states “You can start gaining small success with your son immediately. Here's how with one simple powerful challenge: After you watch the video, walk over to your son, give him a hug, and tell him you love him.”

Tardy also offers links and sites where readers can find information on benefits and assistance for childcare, saving money, educational needs and lots more. Being able to communicate will be key in building a trusting relationship with your son. Tardy points out the different categories of listeners and learners your son might be and how to make the correct determination. Readers will learn how to set rules by not assuming anything, setting up family direction as a team, setting boundaries and staying on course while supporting each other every step of the way.

Tardy also shares his story. After his parents divorced his grades dropped, he was drinking and using drugs. Law enforcement agents were no stranger to him either, his primary goal was to become a drug lord. To turn his life around he joined the Navy and after that turned his life around and began to help others.

With each chapter Tardy shares other families triumphs, examples and challenges. The back pages ask 50 questions that get to the core of what's needed to raise a son successfully. For instance, How would you raise yourself as a parent? What attitude do you want to change in yourself? What is the best/worst thing about your life right now? According to Tardy this is not a parenting book but a guide to an interdependent relationship with your son that empowers him to mature into the man he was destined to become.

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