Author:  Steven M. Moore

ISBN:  978-0-7414-6583

Author Steve M. Moore knows how to transport readers into other worlds.

Survivors of the Chaos, the first book in his Science Fiction The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy, depicts a disconcerting yet rousing future for humanity. In his vision, civilization passes through a social singularity, where long-established empires, such as the United States, the European Union, and China shatter, yet large corporations somehow manage to merge and make bigger their sphere of influence beyond our tiny solar system.

Moore knows all about transferring ones sphere of influence beyond known borders. Having lived twelve years in South America before resettling in Massachusetts, he embedded his roots as a mathematician and physicist, and he developed an intriguing interest in robotics, genetics, and scientific ethics. All the while, Moore stoked his imagination with the grand Science Fiction movies of the 1950s and 1960s. Those filmic influences cast heavy shadows over his musings about a possible world future driven by his concept of social singularity, and those imaginings manifest themselves in this bold, multi-layered scenario called Survivors of the Chaos. Reading the book feels like watching a futuristic movie. Get a bag of popcorn ready, kick back, and enjoy the ride. As a reader, you are about to take off into unimagined realms. 

This book is a page turner. Readers steeped in current literature will appreciate the brevity of scenes that burst in front of you with a blinding flash of startling detail and then exit as quickly as a comet streaking through the night sky. He ensnares you aboard a mental roller coaster catapulting over the hills and valleys of a world gone mad. Be his reluctant hero for a few hours. Imagine being captured and thrust into a huge flying machine rising over the crest of a hill. “A bright light turned the fading twilight into high noon. The monster machine was painted black along the bottom; the forward part was dark and shiny glass. He could just make out that there were men inside,” he writes. When twenty-one-year-old Zeb Lane throws down his rifle and shields his eyes, a net drops on him. In no time, he is shanghaied into a dark and sinister set of circumstances he is ill prepared to handle. Or is he? His abductors fail to realize that ranch life has trained him to handle vultures, coyotes, horses, and camping in freezing temperatures. He stoically endures being sold at auction, but the high bidder has no idea that he may prove to be more than a match for the worst they plan for him.        

Steve masterfully weaves layer upon layer of what appear—at first—to be disassociated people, until he immerses you with an uneasy feeling that his tapestry will unfold into a frightening picture of a universe struggling to virtually become one with machines. It does. Along the fear-provoking voyage, three hesitant heroes ascend beyond the madness. A mild Midwesterner becomes a vigilante, an astrophysicist struggles to save alien artifacts, and a mob enforcer finds a new life aboard a starship. The events of this novel launch you through a disquieted galaxy peppered with a roster of characters that would make a casting director envious, highly detailed space scenes, and an inspiring plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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