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Author: Patricia Abrams
Publisher: The Peppertree Press, LLC.
ISBN: 978-1-61493-104-1

J.R. Ackerley said "A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart." Author Patricia Abrams’ writes about a dog named Boo who has bestowed his heart to his owner Tami in her children’s book, The Story of Boo, part of the Noah and the Search Dog series.

The twenty-seven pages, ten by ten inch paperback book shows a photograph of a large black Labrador wearing a rescue vest on the front cover. The back cover has three reviews and a paragraph about the search team and author photograph. Dedicated to their Florida community foundation along with the Wilson-Wood Foundation, the community’s children and to Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue handlers, the story is about the author’s own dog’s life as a search dog. There are one to two photographs of Boo doing different tasks on almost every page, such as lying with a bunch of balls at his paws or with his handler, running through a field, training or playing in water, or getting a service award. Targeted toward pre-school to early elementary school children, there are no scary or frightening scenes and there is a one page glossary at the end. There are some punctuation errors. Due to so much wording and long length of reading, a beginner reader may have some difficulty or an adult may have to take longer than normal to read as a bedtime story.

Tragically, Boo was abused and treated cruelly when he was younger so his owner was arrested and Boo was put into an animal shelter for adoption. He had his own kennel, complete with a blanket and bowl of clean water as he waited for a new owner. Tami, who worked at the shelter, took care of him every day by playing ball, taking long walks and talking nicely to him.

Within months, Tami and Boo fell in love with each other so Tami adopted him and they joined the Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team. Boo now had a very nice bed, lots of toys and even became friends with Noah, another search dog. Boo trained hard to become a wonderful search and rescue dog, getting over his fear of men like his past owner. Due to his bravery and courage, the canine won an award from the Florida Veterinary Medical Association Pet Hall of Fame. He got to take an airplane ride with his owner to West Virginia to learn more search and rescue skills.

Twelve years of being Tami’s best friend, Boo had a nice end of life dream and Tami missed him so much that Patricia wrote this book about the two of them. The story teaches children that even dogs that have been abused are an important, special part of our lives, especially if they are trained to search and rescue us when we are in trouble and need help.

Follow Here To Purchase The Story of Boo, A Series of Books: Noah and the Search Dogs