Author: Artie Bennett

Illustrator: Mike Moran

Publisher: Blue Apple Books

ISBN: 978-160905190-7

The Tao of Poo revealed!

In 2010, Artie Bennett gave us  his hilarious classic, ‘The Butt Book’,  an irreverent ode to that much ignored body part.  He now returns with what is, quite literally, his ‘number two’ book -  ’Poopendous’ , best described by its own byline, ‘The inside scoop on every type and use of poop.’ Mike Moran’s colourful illustrations are zany, and a terrific complement to Artie’s  rib-tickling prose.

Much like its cheeky predecessor, Poopendous is whacky, inventive and a laugh riot from go.  On page one, we meet our genial narrator, Professor  Pip Poopdeck ( emerging, rather appropriately, from an outhouse), expert on a subject most folks would find icky-poo.  ‘To read this book’, he cautions. ‘You must be strong. Just hold your nose and come along!’ What follows is a whirlwind tour though the animal world, and a close look at the one routine that every creature in it has in common – “..from aardvarks to the humped zebu.” 

Why shy away, Poopdeck asks, from something so natural, so diverse,  (and so conducive to rhyme)  . And why be scared of something that can actually be put to use – as fuel, as construction material, even jewelry. From   farmers to  Masai tribesman  to Mongol  yurt-dwellers, people around the world have come to appreciate  the wonders of poop.  Thanks to Artie Bennett, we now join the enlightened.

One small quibble -  I found no mention of two especially innovative uses of poop  - jumbo poo paper and biogas . But don’t let that stop you picking up ‘Poopendous’ for a few good belly laughs.

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