Author: Shannon M. Deitz

Publisher: Hopeful Hearts Ministry

ISBN: 978-0-9852503-0-0

In the Bible in Philippians 4:7 it states that “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” In Shannon M. Deitz’s Exposed - Inexcusable Me … Irreplaceable Him, the author finds her way out of depressing darkness into God’s loving, peaceful arms.

This two hundred and eighty-one page paperback book has a dull silhouette of a woman walking toward the light on the front jacket. Forty-something year old writer, Shannon Deitz tells all in this memoir about growing up as an unaccepted, unrecognized teenager and into a young married life and motherhood. Due to the topics of sex, drugs and alcohol abuse and spiritual warfare, this book may or may not be edifying to a young teen or middle school child or younger who does or does not have the maturity to understand the consequences of such acts and addictions.

Dietz writes this tome in first person, from her own experiences and viewpoint, changing the names of people who are involved to protect all. With a plethora of her own sexual encounters that also include being raped during her high school years and again while in college, one easily can see her angst and emotional upheavals as she goes through bouts of self-doubt, insecurity and depression. Being boy-crazy during middle school to watching her sister’s drug addictions, learning of family incest, drinking to the point of passing out and sometimes offering herself physically to others, Deitz pretends to be the perfect child on the outside, while being raised in a Catholic environment. Yet truth be told, she is like each one of us in this world: sinful, self-indulgent and prideful - but she admits it.

Continually seeking for an answer from God, she is practically shunned from a charismatic Christian youth group, goes through the Catholic traditional motions, witnesses several spiritual warfare battles and makes herself feel cheapened and unworthy by the opposite sex and supposedly God. It is not until she is married and has two sons that she finally gives all of herself to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who washes away the pain, sorrow, regret, hatred and self-condemnation. It is then that she can look back at her life and see how God was and is in control and has His hand continually and habitually protecting her.

With a strong commitment to God through praying to God, Jesus, Mary and dead saints for redemption, the rededicated Catholic author tells a raw, humble, redeeming story as she grows in her love for Christ. Although some of the book heavily emphasizes her multiple sexual liaisons with too much detail, it is a cherished, heart-felt read that makes one’s own sins and imperfections stand out.

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