Authors: Jane Murphy & Allison Fingerhuth

Illustrator: Neal Sharp

Publisher: Mutt Media

ISBN: 978-0-615-38808-3

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity” is from I Corinthians 13:13. Even in the canine story-telling world, charity or love is what bonds and holds us all together in Jane Murphy and Allison Fingerhuth’s book, Pipper’s Secret Ingredient.

This one hundred and forty five page hardbound book has a colorful jacket cover of a painted world with a white dog looking through a magnifying glass. Both inside covers have a map of the world, showing paw-printed journey lines. There are several full-page, colorful detailed drawings along with smaller artworks by illustrator Neal Sharp spread throughout the book. Each chapter starts in a blog format with simple sidebars and has its own special icon next to its page number. Included at the end of the book are three treat recipes for dog and human consumption. There is no profanity or scary situations so this book could be for any age group and could be read in portions. The only misspellings are in the intentional text messages.

In this cute tome, canine Pipper is a stuck-in-a-rut blogger who loves to cook but cannot come up with something super innovative to discuss online. While cooking with her friends from all different walks of life, she tells them her dilemma. They also talk about Bull Bogus, a mean bull dog who owns a business that makes unhealthy dog treats only to make more profit. Pipper brightens when she decides on trying to find the special ingredient that makes the perfect treat. Her friends suggest several travel ideas and particular people to search for the distinctive component.

From Egypt and Paris, to Istanbul, New York and Peru, Pipper is sent across the globe via camel, bike, train, and plane, meeting a plethora of diversified experts as she contemplates the design, healthiness, thrill and award-winning taste, searching for that true element. With Bogus’s minion spy Bumbles Brug tailing her every move to find the ingredient first to save the company, Pipper goes back home to find the real source. She and her helpful friends band together to learn that love is the only ingredient really needed for not only making great treats, but great friendships.

This is a keeper on the night stand to read out loud to young children or have them read alone, especially at bedtime. With the fun canine friendships, unique places visited, the occasional foreign words, and clever blogging, any child will learn and enjoy its story of love being the most important ingredient.

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