Author: Norb Vonnegut

ISBN: 9781250003898

Publisher: Minotaur Books


The world of finance is not always what is seems on the surface. Lies, deceits and trade offs often occur to benefit those making the deals and scam those who provide the funds. Grove O’Rourke works for a major brokerage house and would learn the true meaning deception and hide the truths, motives and realities that are often in plain sight. Author Norb Vonnegut, will take the reader inside the world of high finance, trusts, foundations and a town riddled with fear as a super sex store is about to be opened and those behind it are more deadly than a loaded gun.

Grove O’Rourke works at the investment firm of Sachs, Kidder and Carnegie. For most it would appear as the perfect dream job but for Grove this just might be anything but. When a trusted friend calls him and asks for his help the end result will start a chain of events with an effect more rippling than the huge tidal wave.

Palmer Kincaid created a trust, a legal entity that acted as a fiduciary or agent on behalf of many people and businesses for the purpose of administration, management and eventual transfer of assets to a beneficial party. Acting as the custodian or facilitator of this trust he had under his control millions of dollars that he was supposed to use to benefit the people of his Charleston Community. The trust or in this case the Palmetto Foundation does not own the assets of their customers but they has a legal obligation to take care of the assets and funds on behalf of the parties involved. Palmer Kincaid for all appearances seemed like an upstanding and honest man who wanted to help the people of his community by creating this trust or foundation by accepting hefty donations from donors and giving the money to the organizations they wanted.

On the surface Palmer Kincaid appeared happily married with a wife that he adored, catered to her every financial need and a daughter that revered him. But, what appears on the surface is not always what is real. One phone call to Grove would change his life forever and the four words, “I Need Your Help,” would reverberate in his brain for a long time.

Founder of the Palmetto Foundation in Charleston, Palmer worked along with his staff to serve the needs of his community. The foundation served everyone and accepted hefty donations and grants making sure that everyone adhered honored the wishes of the donors. With his family at his side what could go wrong? When Palmer’s body washes up on the shore and Grove learns of his death he does not hesitate when Claire Kincaid calls to enlist his help in running the foundation. Learning first hand more about the foundation and Palmer’s work Grove realizes he is definitely in over his head and needs to enlist the help of someone that could help him learn more. Biscuit Hughes might not be the smartest or most savvy lawyer in town according to those living in Fayetteville, but he is persistent, hardworking and will leave no stone unturned until he gets the job done and in this case close down the Super Sex Store before it opens and finds out who the developers are and where the funds are coming from. Highly Intimate Pleasures is highly suspect and what he learns with Grove’s help will definitely rock this town to the core and tear apart the Kincaid family. The thought of this store opening in their community has created a huge uproar and they are counting on Biscuit to find a way to close it down.

Going to Charleston to attend Palmer’s funeral Grove meets with his wife and daughter and is offered a position on the board of the Palmetto Foundation. Accepting it would not only endanger his life but his position at his investment company on Wall Street. As the author brilliantly reveals who is behind the Catholic Fund, his motive and true intents the reader will enter the world of money laundering, high finance, deceit, greed and blackmail. When Grove realizes that the Catholic Fund has a connection to the Super Sex Store about to open he does more than just refuse to release the funds requested by head of the charity he insists on reviewing the paperwork first. But, pressure is placed on him by the family, learning that one fund received 50 million dollars already makes him wonder why they need 65 million more right away. Refusing to release the entire amount he authorizes 25 million to be transferred.

Never losing faith and hoping that Biscuit would be able to enlighten the FBI to the truth and come out alive Grove O’Rourke places himself in the hands of this man called Bong, a thug named Jake and trusts the instinct of a relentless, hardnosed FBI agent named Torres who will stop at nothing to bring them all down. Will Grove save what Palmer created or will his legacy be washed up along with him on that shore? The Trust: a high-octane novel filled with suspense, drama, deceit lies and a character named Grove that you definitely want to see more of in the future. 

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