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Author: Phil Hansen

Publisher: The Penguin Group

ISBN: 978-0-399-53747-9

Professional and commercial artist Phil Hansen has a very creative, interesting, and sometimes twisted mind. His artistic and imaginative capabilities shine through his craft or hobby book, Tattoo A Banana and Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything into Art.

This unique paperback book has one hundred and fifty six “artsy” pages of drawings, designs and very easy to do instructions of forty four art projects. The front cover depicts a banana with Michelangelo’s nude “David” done in pointillism on it and the back cover has three more included works of art with the book description and a paragraph about the author. All fonts look as if they have been hand printed by a child with no noticeable typographical errors.

Inside this resourceful book is a compilation of simple to bizarre projects that a reader can make in either minutes or mindless hours. If not a simple warped scan of the reader’s face or a multi-faceted design on a piece of toast to a complicated large Mona Lisa cookie or Seurat’s multi-page park scene, the designs are fun, interesting and sometimes stimulating. The book also includes advanced online extensions to similar projects in the book for those that need more thought-provoking experiments.

Even if the reader is artistically challenged and clueless of what actually is considered art (or its worth), this is a wonderful yet simplistic guide for teasing and encouraging one’s creative brainwaves using common household products. Hansen covers many different mediums from food, plastic bags and glue to cardboard, coffee filters and cracked sidewalks. Marshmallows, crackers, M & M candies, soup, Oreos, gummy bears, noodles and fruit are some of the food items that are altered or modified into exciting outcomes. Although the final piece of art may not be useful or totally beautiful, the designs are unique and different - making all of your peers jealous of your creativity and wish they could produce such refined artwork.

Anytime you or your children have nothing to do but stare at each other and say “I’m bored,” get this book out, find a project and create your very own artwork. I am sure Hansen will have a series of similar volumes on the bookshelves soon so that once you get through all innovative projects in this book you can buy another to satiate your artistic appetite further. This book is a definite keeper for those cold, rainy days when boredom abounds.

Follow Here To Purchase Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art

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