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Author: Patricia H. Aust

ISBN: 1-4680-0618-5:   ISBN-13: 9781468006186

According to his older brother Ted, Harry Cheltoni is a walking disaster. He can't stop talking, never sits still, and really listening to anything seems like the impossible dream. To make matters worse it seems like he keeps getting stuck in the middle of Harry's problems both at school and at home where their parents seem to be fighting more because Harry can't behave. For an eight-year-old kid he seems to make a lot of people upset!

Patricia H. Aust has used her social work experience to create a story that is both poignant and humorous in turn. A story that could be repeated by many families who are dealing with a child who has a serious special need/learning disability. Ted and his parents love Harry, but sometimes he makes them angry and confused  because they don't know how to help him. There are phone calls and letters from the school, problems with other children but nothing changes until Harry's school and family agree that they have to try something more.

When the family goes to counseling even Ted finds that someone listening to how Harry's problems make him feel is a relief. It's not easy being the "normal son" while harry seems to get all the attention. Eventually the Dr. suggests that Harry try medications for children with ADHD and over time and work by everyone he begins to change. He still is Harry, but there are some answers for all the Chletonis as they all try and deal with "Hyper Harry."

This story is valuable to teachers, families, schools, or any place where it would be beneficial to develop understanding about and tolerance for children who are different. The number of children being diagnosed with things like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Autism spectrum disorders, and other conditions that prevent them from being able to function normally at home and school is consistently rising-and many of these children are still in regular classrooms so a tool like this book could really help. I hope Ms. Aust will continue to write similar works about other special needs-her gentle caring style lends itself well to this.

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