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Author: Donna Marie Seim

Illustrator: Susan Spellman

Publisher: Peter E. Randall

ISBN: 978-0-9828256-7-5

If you are an animal lover who wishes to inculcate a similar love of animals in your own children, you are bound to find the delightful picture books of award-winning Donna Marie Seim, illustrated by the well-known water colorist and “Plein Air” painter Susan Spellman, an irrisistable treat. Following on the much-acclaimed Where’s Simon, Sandy? comes yet another adventure set in the Caribbean, Satchi and Little Star, about a little island girl, who, despite the warnings of her parents, tries to tame a young wild colt. How she deals with the unfolding situation is sure to provide an important lesson, as well as an entertaining and inspiring read, for all youngsters who witness the unfolding of wildlife in its many aspects around them. In addition to the story itself, Seim provides a well-informed background to the life of wild horses around the globe, as well as ending off the book with fun facts about horses that not only describe certain of their key habits, but which also introduce a few important explanations of words that are used to describe horses, such as ‘star’, ‘sock’ and ‘blaze.’

Both the author and the illustrator of this fine book show their first-hand knowledge of, and love for, the outdoors and, more specifically, for island life in the Caribbean. In addition, Seim and Spellman share their good sense of humor, which is clearly revealed throughout the text and watercolor illustrations. While Seim leads an active life, with hands-on exposure to both domestic and wild horses, for which she nurtures a deep appreciation, Spellman’s keen sense of the beauty of moving figures also brings her close to the heart of the subject matter.

With Satchi and Little Star having been acknowledged with a 2011 New England Book Festival Award Honorable Mention, this enlightening and deeply empathetic picture book should be in a winner in any collection of books for young children, no matter their cultural and geographical background.

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