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Author: Jennifer Chase

ISBN: 978098253648

Publisher: JEC Press

The tension mounts from the first page as the humidity rises, the air is thick with acrid smells and the suspect folds when vigilante Detective Rick Lopez penetrates the outer persona of this suspect, leaving no room or margin for error as the life of a nine-year-old child hangs in the balance. Partner Emily Stone watches the interrogation. Standing down until just the right moment when she enters the room, springs a picture of the kidnapped victim on this poor excuse for a human. Dark Mind is a psychological thriller that will take the reader deep inside the mind of child porn slave traders, a serial killer and a peaceful island whose inner most volcanic core will rock equal to that of an active volcano’s eruption.

Two young girls have been kidnapped and the skeletal remains of others found as Rick and Emily fight the smells, the filth, the assailants and the fear that they might not get there in time to save these two young girls. The suspense builds and the quest is on as Rick and Emily race an unknown clock desperately praying they get there in time. No backup, no support from the local police Emily faces her worst fears, as she is attacked and alone without any weapon hoping Rick will sense her danger and come to her rescue.

Sergeant Lani Candena would become embroiled in this case and the others that will now come his way. Cases he would never forget and some that would haunt his dreams forever as author Jennifer Chase brings to light the issues of child pornography, slave trade and sacrificial murder. The graphic descriptions and the use of sensory words describing the scenery and the events taking place adds to the storyline, the sense of urgency and helps bring the reader directly into the story along with the main characters.

Emily and Rick are in Hawaii on the pretense of being on vacation when they get roped into more than they really bargained for. When they uncover the child porn ring, a kidnapper and then become involved in the murder of a photographer of an Internet web magazine, Sergeant Candena becomes suspicious as Emily turns up more often than not at every crime scene. Carolyn Sax is the serial killer’s first victim as he fights the darkness and the fear when grabbed from behind, injected with something and the rest so horrific it would send shockwaves throughout this peaceful island and the killer has only just begun.

Bad dreams and nightmares plague Emily Stone as the author recounts what happened to her when serial killer Leo Brown went after her. Little does she know that he is not done with her and that Rick received an email from him letting him know she was in danger. Black magic, human sacrifices and child porn, author Jennifer Chase takes the reader on many roller coaster rides in this third in the Emily Stone series.

Meet former FBI investigator Jordan Smith who joins Emily and Rick to help find this serial killer who has struck again. As the pieces seem to be falling into place and the body count rises they find themselves embroiled in a case that has the all the earmarks of her past. But, when Emily visits the crime scene where Carolyn’s body was found, Sergeant Lani becomes suspicious and things begin to change. Meeting a stranger during her investigation she is warned that things might take a dangerous turn. Another murder is uncovered and although the mayor does not want Lani involved he catches the case.

But, truths come out and deceits unfold as Lani learns more Emily and her team than she wanted to share. Each time he cases a case she seems to be there and his suspicions prove out as another rapist is caught but the real killer is still at large.

Every step of the way someone seems to be ahead of Emily and strange events happen to stop her cold and the police sergeant seems front and center each time as Rick and Jordan explore other avenues and the same things happen to them. Connections to the police department, corruption you would not believe and a more than one killer to catch. Author Jennifer Chase takes the reader into the world of black magic, sorcery, child porn, murder and the Dark Mind of a serial killer with an ending you just won’t see coming with a final twist that let’s you know that there is much more in store for Emily and Rick. Where the next case leads them only author Jennifer Chase knows and we all hope to find out soon.

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