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Author: Victoria Martinez

Publisher: Who Dares Wins Publishing

Kindle Edition:  ASIN: B0058W5QLI

What is essentially unique about the glimpses that Victoria Martinez provides us with in The Royal W.E.: Unique Glimpses of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor is her fresh and informed insight into the lives of the exiled couple that she has gained through extensive research into contemporary archives relating to both their own lifestyle and to the sphere in which they moved. Her primary intent in writing about royalty in such an invigorating way, Martinez claims, is her desire to convert the reader of fiction who, until coming to her work, had thought of history as fuddy-duddy and anachronistic. In a discussion with Ist Author Interviews, the writer states, “I…felt that it was important to write historical nonfiction in a way that would be as interesting and enjoyable to people as historical fiction.”

Martinez’s years in PR have certainly taught her how to publicize her writing well, with much of her material first having been blogged at the Unofficial Royalty website. She gives credit to Geraldine Voost for giving her the first opportunity to write to a large online audience about Wallis Simpson and the abdicated King Edward VIII, to whose defense she feels drawn, considering them both to have been much discredited in terms of both royal sanction and public sentiment. Much of the impetus in her writing does, indeed, seem to come from her having been a columnist for such a medium, as it is a far cry from dry academic texts that one sometimes associates with historical penmanship. The absence of extensive foot/endnotes, a bibliography and index are noted, which, though possible serving as a drawback to fellow historians and avid history cognoscenti, may appear in a more positive light to those who are looking for a fun and interesting read. After all, one hardly expects to find such careful annotation in a Georgette Heyer novel, for example, as one does in a work by David G. McCullough, does one?

Not that Martinez has only written for such an attention-grabbing and immediately accessible source, for she has also used Mark Gaulding’s quarterly journal of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor Society as an open forum for discussion on her work for many years. The final chapter of The Royal W.E., “A Fool Would Know,” was also originally published in Arturo Beéche’s European Royal History Journal. This chapter is of specific note for its extensive detailing of the 1946 robbery of Wallis Simpson’s jewels during a visit to Ednam Lodge, the country estate of the Earl and Countess of Dudley.

In short, if you are set on an enjoyable and informative read that requires little effort on your part, you can’t go far wrong by downloading The Royal W.E.: Unique Glimpses of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor.

Follow Here To Purchase The Royal W.E. Unique Glimpses of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor