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Author: Niki Leopold

Illustrator: Barry and Laini Nemett

Publisher: Galileo Books

ISBN: 978-0-9817519-1-7

Adam’s Crayons, the latest picture book by writer Niki Leopold, is a modern fairy tale of sorts, told in free verse. It tells the tale of a young boy whose love for nature helps him magically save a lake and its fauna.  It is also a gentle ode to the transformative powers of colour in art.  The book has an interesting history – it was written almost thirty years ago, for acclaimed artist Barry Nemett’s young son Adam. When author Leopold decided to publish the story, Nemett and his daughter Laini were the natural choice to illustrate it.

A talented artist comes to Loon Lake to sketch the birds and animals that live in its vicinity. But he draws them so well that they literally vanish. Shocked at the consequences of his work, the artist throws away his sketchbook and leaves. But all is not lost, for little Adam finds the book and, leafing through its pages, realizes that he just might be able to bring the creatures of Loon Lake back. With painstaking care and an eye for detail, he begins colouring in the artist’s line drawings with his crayons. And sure enough, a miracle does occur!

Author Leopold’s verse is spare and, in keeping with its message about the power of colour, lets the art do all the talking. For the Nemetts’ illustrations are breathtaking; each spread is a vibrant explosion of colour, reminiscent of the Impressionist masters.  Combining gouache, oils and pen and ink drawings, each plate is rich with detail and far more than mere illustration.

A book that will charm children and adults alike.

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