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Author: Ben Woodard
ASIN: B006455H6W (Kindle Edition)

For all to live, we must share, says one of the magical creatures in this simple but heartwarming tale of a young boy who tries to save the forest and its denizens from its most ruthless predator – his own tribe.

In a small afterword to this e-book, author Ben Woodard talks about his interest in sustainable development, which led him to write this short novel. Historically, primitive tribes had understood  the need to be judicious in their use of natural resources , never taking more than they needed. But invariably, as communities grew and took on the trappings of ‘civilization’, so also did greed, and people began over exploiting resources, with no thought to the environment. In a world on the brink of ecological disaster, and already feeling the disastrous effects of global warming, ‘The Boy..’ is a fable with a very timely message.

Young Na’aki, a Native American boy is abducted one day by an eagle who intends to feed him to her young, since indiscriminate hunting and fishing by his tribe  have caused her food supply to dwindle. She is not alone – Na’ki meets other animals similarly struck. Bargaining for his life, Na’aki offers to fish and hunt for food for her children, and soon finds himself feeding not just Mother Eagle but Brother Bear as well. Gradually, he finds himself bonding with the eagle and her children. When his foster family teaches him to fly, Na’aki decides to return to his tribe to teach them the error of their ways. But will they believe the stories of a strange boy who claims he can fly and talk to the eagles? Will they listen to his appeal to conserve salmon , and understand that their own survival is linked to the fate of the animals they share the forest with?  And will the forest be saved from destruction?

Inspired by Native American folklore , author Woodard writes with empathy and flair. ‘The Boy..’ wears its environmentalist heart on its sleeve, and it is hard not to be moved by young  Na’aki’s courage and loyalty as he endangers his life for the sake of the forest.  A middle grade novel, ‘The Boy..’  makes a gentle yet powerful point about the need to preserve the ecological balance and conserve fast-disappearing resources..

I’d also like to point out the beautiful black and white  illustrations that accompany each chapter, rendered by artist Laura Leikona.

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