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Author: Karla Telega

Publisher: Adoro Books

ISBN: 978-0-615-49797-6

Maggie Gorski has much in life to be thankful for – a loving husband, a good home, great friends, a loving daughter. Yet she suffers from debilitating panic attacks, that have cost her her job and that her ridiculously young therapist can’t seem to cure her of. In a bid to channelize her energies into something creative, Maggie and best friend Cher decide to find themselves a hobby. What follows is a hilarious series of misadventures as the girls blunder and wisecrack their way through pastimes as bizarre as ghost hunting and rock collecting. Things change, however, when they walk into a nearby town to engage in some old fashioned gold prospecting.

Meanwhile, Paul Lakeland,  a young archaeologist  finds evidence of what just might be an important find, and arrives in the same town with his scheming professor.  Inevitably, the paths of the four cross. Old secrets tumble out of Cher’s past as she comes face to face with some very painful memories.  When Paul is arrested for the murder of his colleague, Maggie and Cher decide to stick around and help. Things are complicated further by the presence of the very debonair young lawyer, Jonathan , who pitches in to help , then sweeps Cher off her feet.And  who is the mysterious ‘Bear’, who seems hellbent on murdering the unsuspecting Paul Lakeland? Author Telega cleverly throws in a lot of characters into the mix – as also the odd sexual romp -  keeping her readers guessing as to the identity of the killer.

Box  of Rocks is funny – sometimes laugh out loud funny – and introduces two unlikely detectives in what could well become a mystery series. The book does take a while to get to the mystery – the first few chapters are entertaining, but cause the pace to flag a bit. However, things pick up considerably once the girls hit the gold trail, and Cher’s past returns to haunt her.   The book also leaves us with a lot of loose ends – I would have liked to see Cher find some closure, for instance, and the despicable Mrs. Lakeland surely deserved some good old-fashioned comeuppance.

For me, the highlight of the book was the chemistry between Maggie and Cher, two  women who are diametrically opposite in every way, yet share this strong unbreakable bond. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the sequels I hope will follow Box of Rocks.

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