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Author: Sheila Dunn

ISBN:  9781435769175

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Some people justify their actions and wrongdoings because they claim to want to save the souls of others. Some are just crazy. One man, Lucas Kemp, Elmira prison’s most dangerous criminal recounts in his own words just how and why he killed over twenty people, his reasons and why he feels justified to the one man who he calls friend, Roy Ames. As we meet our killer he is sitting alone in a bar trying to mind his own business when the barkeep and his friend are discussing a heist that yielded them quite a stash. But, when the barkeep and his friend go to cash in what happens to them was not quite what either expected. Wayne Burns was a thief and according to our killer got what he deserved to save his soul. Sitting on a simple stool having a drink Wayne and his buddy discuss the heist, ask to borrow this man’s pen and the end result is something you won’t believe as we learn more about our imposter preacher named Lucas, how he escapes prison as a result of a tornado and just what how does he define the word Redemption. When a person makes up for his/her behavior by doing something better for himself/herself or a group, than the transgression that got him in trouble in the first place, he might feel he has redeemed himself. But our killer feels his victims are not paying attention and it is his job to create his form of redemption.

Coming into a town and pretending to be the new pastor, the Trinity Baptist Church Congregation are thrilled to greet their new pastor, Rev. David Lawrence. But, Lawrence is lying at the bottom of a swamp thanks to this escaped serial killer. Assuming the identity of the pastor, he infiltrates the community; the church and what happens will send chills down your spine and keep two detectives on high alert. Our killer has just started when he meets a young boy named Gary who he rescues from some bullies. Then we learn of another man’s transgressions as a kid and the tortures that befall Larry to teach this bank manager a lesson he should have learned years ago. Lucas Kemp forgets nothing, forgives no one and the body count is about to rise even more.

 The murders are very graphic and you can feel the pain that is inflicted on each victim and the tortures will create a mental image in your mind as the author describes each victim’s demise in detail. The two detectives while dealing with one murder get called to another as woman’s body is found, bank manager is next and the count will rise even more. Maria Perez becomes the victim of a drug lord’s pleasure. But, little does he know he is about to receive his own form of redemption from our killer. How many more will he torture and when will the police realize that he is hiding in plain sight daring to be found?

 Author Sheila Dunn takes the reader inside the mind, soul and heart of a true serial killer whose motives seem justified to him but the victim I doubt that. Graphically depicted, allowing the reader to hear the inner voice of the killer and his victims this author let’s you know that past transgressions will definitely come back and do more than just haunt you in the present. Flashbacks to explain each victim and why they were chosen. Redemption, teaching them a lesson they would never forget.

As the detectives delve deeper and actually come face to face with his picture in his school yearbook will they figure out his real or new identity? Will he ever pay for his sins? This is one book that gives the reader much pause for thought as one man seeks retribution for those who maligned, bullied and humiliated him as a kid. Some people just never forgive or forget. When you read about the victims and learn about their past and present you decide if retribution was what they deserved or a prison cell. One real clever insane criminal, one thought provoking novel that will make you thinks twice before insulting, picking on or hurting anyone in the past or present. An ending so explosive you won’t see it coming and killer who just might surprise the reader. Will Lucas Kemp find his own redemption?

Will the detectives capture him or will his own brand of fate step in and save him one more time? One killer who will send chills down your spine. One ending you won’t expect. Steven King move over because Sheila Dunn definitely has what it takes to write a murder/horror thriller.

Cick Here To Purchase Redemption