Illustrator: Jessica Warrick

ISBN: 978-0-9833245-0-8

Publisher: One Word Publishing

What must it feel like to wait for your turn at a spelling bee? What anxiety do spellers undergo as they eye that microphone at the front of the stage? Krishna Dalal provides answers to these questions with a mix of charm and lightheartedness in the children’s book Sardoodledom: A Spelling Bee Tale

The book opens with the students of Jefferson Elementary School sitting on stage and awaiting the start of the annual spelling bee. As moderator Mr. Harrison launches the bee, the spellers nervously remind themselves and each other of their favorite words and spelling rules. Their encouragement to one another livens up their whispered discussions, and things take an unexpected turn resulting in one hilarious end to the bee.

Author Krishna Dalal perfectly captures the atmosphere of a spelling bee, no doubt a result of her own childhood experience in bees. Former and current spellers alike will smile in recognition at the main characters; Dalal has distilled many of the complexities and habits of spellers into the children competing in the bee. She blends spelling rules with fun, playful text in a way that is neither intimidating nor pedantic. Instead, young students will thoroughly enjoy the antics of the spellers and learn something in the process without even realizing it.

The illustrations by Jessica Warrick complement Dalal’s story in the same spirit. The sketched characters add an almost whimsical quality to the engaging tale, and Warrick’s color palette is somewhat muted but not underwhelming. Her work enhances Dalal’s words and brings the characters and story to life in a visual way.

The target audience of 6 to 10-year-olds certainly will benefit from Dalal’s spelling lessons. Dalal hits the nail on the head with language and communication familiar to those in her target age group. In a world that increasingly relies on technology for answers, her book reminds young readers of the necessity of words and just how to use them. Her easy-to-read prose guarantees that spelling enthusiasts and those wanting to join this unusual pastime will appreciate this tale.

As a former speller, this reviewer wholeheartedly recommends this book as much for its ode to spelling as for its stand-alone merit in current children’s literature.

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***Krishna Dalal has participated and placed in numerous spelling bees in her youth. These experiences not only led to a love of words and a pair of nerdy glasses, they inspired her first children's book. The road from investment banking to teaching (and a few careers in between) always had a fork in writing. Professionally, she started One Word Publishing in 2011 and published her first book, Sardoodledom: A Spelling Bee Tale. She hopes to follow up with not only more children's books, but a novel or two also. Krishna resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, Jayesh, and son, Vihaan. Hobbies (other than reading and writing) include anything active and outdoors (basketball, snowboarding, running, soccer, etc.).

(The above biography was provided to by the author or her representative)