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Author: Ryan J. Cunningham

ISBN: 9781463670160

Publisher: Plain and Simple Books


There is nothing better than having your parents in the stands cheering for you during a baseball game or basketball game. Kids today love when they hear their parents calling out their name or just plain standing up and clapping.

Gary loves playing baseball and is disappointed that his father cannot make the annual father and son game. Excited about the game he puts on his Gray Sox uniform and rushes down to have breakfast with his parents. But, as the weather outside was cloudy and gray so does Gary’s mood when he learns his father would not make his game. Disappointed, upset and remembering when his father had time to stop and have fun with him, Gary’s bright smile fades to a sad frown.

Climbing into the backseat of his friend Jimmy’s dad’s car Gary just stares out of the window and remembers they had before his job took over so much of his time. Parents all too often forget that they were once kids and become totally consumed with their jobs and responsibilities that they do not realize how important it is to their children to have them sitting in the stands or in the front row at their school play.

Gary’s face on page 13 tells it all. You can see the sad expression, understand his sadness and want to give him a big hug and tell him everything is going to be okay. But, kids are often resilient and bounce back. The game begins he takes the mound and the first pitch the umpire calls a strike. The second is a foul ball. Let’s not give up on our young baseball player as the third pitch takes him to second base. But, it is what happens next that changes everything.

Imagine playing a game on a cloudy day when suddenly clouds thicken, the sky turns black, the thunder roars and the rain comes down in torrential buckets. Poor Gary goes for shelter only to find himself left at the ballpark with no way to get home.

Poor Gary asks the age-old question, “Doesn’t he love me anymore?” referring to his father. Just as the dark clouds descended upon the ballpark within seconds the sky brightened and the most amazing thing happened. Gary’s tears were wiped away as he calls his mother telling her he is alone at the park and someone needs to come and get him. Thinking it is an emergency and something just might be wrong he calls his father who comes running to the park. Seeing his Dad brightens his mood as he shares the most beautiful sight he has ever seen. Just what that is you will have to read for yourself in order to appreciate what Gary saw. What happens next will definitely bring a smile to your face as one father realizes what is really important and what can finally take a back seat. Will there be anymore gray skies and gray moods for Gary? Read this outstanding book that teaches us parents need to be there for their children and that sometimes just a hug or an encouraging word is more precious than all the material things in the world.

Reading this book reminded me of the little league games that I went to when my brother pitched and my Dad coached. Sitting in the stands and cheering every time he struck out batter, which was quite often, really made him feel special. He loved having this two sisters sitting in the stands and his mom bringing snacks for all of the players. This is a great book for teachers to have in their classroom libraries, parents to read aloud at home. Making time for your children is so important. My dad worked seven days a week but never missed any of my brother’s games, my piano or dance recitals or my sister’s performances in the many shows in which she starred. With a cover that says it all and illustrations that are true to life, this is one great book for parents and kids to read.

Great book and I will give it FIVE SUNNY DAYS

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