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Author: Lisa Montierth,
Illustrator: by Ashley Burke

Publisher: Craigmore Creations
ISBN: 978-0-9844422-2-5

It isn’t everyday that a picture book can claim to make geology both interesting and easily accessible to its young readers.  Last year, Craigmore Creations managed to blend time travel with some terrific lessons in history, hydrology and climate change, with their graphic novel Terra Tempo.  With Right Where You Are Now, they’ve successfully translated those formidable themes into the picture book
format as well.

 Right where you are now,  begins this  little bedtime story, “night is here. But once…”With those words, Right Where You Are Now  whisks its readers away on an odyssey of sorts, peeling back layers of geologic time to reveal a world that is constantly changing.  Mountains stand where once were great lava spewing volcanoes; towns have put down roots where once great seas thrived. Skyscrapers replace icebergs and prairies; humans discover fire and the power of art , swampy forests and megafauna flourish, then make way for other things. 

With its simple text and whimsical artwork, the book manages to examine a complex idea – and use some impressively big words - without sounding pedantic. The only constant, the book gently suggests, is change, and it goes on all around us, right where we are now.  “The world looks different every day right where you are now,” author Montierth points out. “Can you imagine what may come to be?”, drawing her readers into the great and endless process of change right alongside those gnarly metasequoia and toothsome nimravids.

Ashley  Burke’s illustrations are charming , glowing with jewel colors and bristling with all manner of prehistoric beasties.  A visual dictionary at the end of the book further explains the larger terms in the book, a good starting point for little explorers and dino- junkies eager to know more.

Click Here To Purchase Right Where You Are Now