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Author: Dennis Palumbo

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
ISBN: 978-1-59058-957-1
A great read, again, as it has been quite a while since Dr. Daniel Rinaldi, a clinical psychologist in Pittsburgh, has been seeing patients and working with the Pittsburgh police department.  Dr. Rinaldi takes referrals from the police
department to help solve difficult cases, and is now pulled into another case of murder and mayhem.

On a very hot summer day, there is a bank robbery in Pittsburgh that goes terribly wrong.  All but one hostage being held in the bank are killed.  One hostage, Treva Williams, is released by the robbers and Dr. Rinaldi is called in to treat her at the scene.  He goes to the scene to help as the police have to question Treva about the robbery but, she is in no shape to talk to anyone.  Treva and a bank guard are transported to the hospital and then the fun begins.  The ambulance is found with Treva inside but, the bank guard is gone and the driver is dead.  The two investigating officers, Sgt. Harry Polk and Detective Eleanor Lowrey, along with Dr. Rinaldi, are thrown into a set of circumstances that fall into the category of fantastic reading.  There is a kidnapping and campaign by the current District Attorney, Leland Sinclair, to rise to be the next Governor of the state, and also a bit of mistaken identity to top it all off.

In a side story, the Doctor is trying to find out why a young, former patient in a care facility has committed suicide.  Dr. Rinaldi and Detective Lowery are attracted to each other and Sgt. Polk, who is recently divorced is trying to start his life over as a single man and not having much luck.  There is an attempted shooting at a fund raising event for the District Attorney and he is accused of political strategies to help Sinclair to reach his goal.  Dr. Rinaldi is starting to put the puzzles together, when he is nearly killed himself.

There are many surprises in this second book featuring Dr. Rinaldi, and readers will want to go back to the first book (
Mirror Image), if they haven't already read it to see how these relationships began.  Many of the characters are carried over into this book and the author does an incredible job of bringing everyone together again. 

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