Click Here To Purchase The Herring in the Library: The 3rd Ethelred and Elsie Mystery (Ethelred and Elsie Mysteries)

Author: L. C. Tyler

Publisher: Felony and Mayhem Press
ISBN: 978-1-934609-76-7

Third in the popular Ethelred and Elsie mystery series, The Herring in the Library, like its prequels , is wildly funny, well plotted and keeps its best surprises for the very end.

Tressider divides his writing life between three very mediocre series and, in the wake of a messy divorce, finds himself battling both writer’s block and his bossy  chocaholic agent, Elsie.  The duo accept an invitation to dinner from  Robert ‘Shagger’ Muntham, a college chum of Ethelred’s   who seems to have it all – a successful career, a  stately home, a  title and a delectable trophy wife.  But  things soon get murkier when  his lordship  is found strangled to death in the library. Suicide, rule the police, though there is no suicide note. Murder, cries Lady Muntham, who easily persuades  a besotted Tressider to  wield his superior insight into the criminal mind and help investigate this classic closed door mystery.

Rather helpfully, a great clutter of clues lands in Tressider’s  lap – secret passages, mysterious men in blue, beanies conveniently dropped in flower beds. It should be an open and shut case, of course, if only Elsie wouldn’t butt in.  It doesn’t help that each of the other dinner guests seem to have secrets of their own, and the kind of unpleasant alliances with  Shagger that might well have driven them to murder.   Then Robert  leaves  Tressider a clue – in verse, while  the  newly bereaved  Lady Muntham   seems likely to inherit not just his wealth but his nickname as well.  And meanwhile,  what of the book Tressider has begun writing,  that seems to eerily reflect the goings on in his own life, complete with a hapless hero and an interfering female sidekick with a penchant for sweets?

 The Herring in the Library  had me hooked and giggling uncontrollably from page one. It has a great pace, crackling humour and well written characters (Elsie, of course, being the highlight) What makes the book even funnier is they way it weaves between Ethelred’s and Elsie’s point of view, offering  often widely varying accounts of the same events. Ethelred is no Holmes, Elsie not the best agent either, but together they rustle up  some  great sleuthing chemistry.

Click Here To Purchase The Herring in the Library: The 3rd Ethelred and Elsie Mystery (Ethelred and Elsie Mysteries)