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Author: Shobhan Bantwall

ISBN:  978-0-7582-5884-7

Reviewed from an ARC Copy

Shobhan Bantwall is certainly a prolific author with her fifth book, The Full Moon Bride just released. After writing about serious social issues as India's dowry system, female-fetus abortions, the repressive lives of some women and political violence in India, she has chosen a lighter subject, the Indian-American immigrant experience. Her compelling characters and fine writing will keep readers enthralled.

Women's Fiction with a touch of romance and sometimes a little mystery is what Shobhan Bantwall is all about. She enjoys incorporating the rich elements of her Indian culture, religious beliefs, myths, legends, superstitions, foods, scents, recipes, clothing, accessories, language including slang, history, geography, and most anything that she feels adds to entertainment and knowledge.

Moreover, she beckons her readers to travel with her on adventures where they not only experience different places, tastes, smells and feelings through her characters, but also perceive their thrills, joys, sorrows and triumphs.

Written in the first person, The Full Moon Bride is charming and engaging. Soorya Giri has everything, wealth, a rich doting Indian family and a successful career. Despite the fact that Soorya is intelligent and a successful lawyer, she is very shy and at age thirty has not yet been on a date, let alone been kissed! She lacks the self-confidence of American girls. Thanks to her Indian upbringing and customs, she considers an arranged marriage, without giving it a second thought! Under the auspicious purnina (full moon) her parents invite a prospective groom and his family. She believes she will be rejected because of her “homely” appearance, as has occurred previously.

Much to her surprise, she likes the charming prospective groom Roger, but her self-confidence is such that she does not believe he is attracted to her. Perhaps, he will only like her because of her money and rich father. He has grandiose dreams of putting up a play on Broadway that require a substantial investment.

A game of cat and mouse ensues with Roger. Does she or does she not like him? Does he truly love her? And at about the same time, she is attracted to a widowed black lawyer. We cannot wait to see who is going to gain her heart.

The author mixes this love triangle with Indian culture, cuisine and customs from the old country. She brings to life her characters with a lot of bantering dialogue and authentic descriptions of their lives in America. Join Soorya on her bumpy journey to find that nebulous, elusive thing called “love!”

Bantwall's new novel explores the complicated patterns of self-confidence, love and attraction, trying to balance Indian customs and American experience. She has created credible characters, with all their vulnerabilities, flaws, quirks, virtues and vices! The characters were so true to life that I found that I missed them a lot when I finished reading The Full Moon Bride! Maybe they will come back in Ms Bantwal's next novel. This one is a real page turner, don't miss it!

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