Editors: Davis, Irene; Desjardins, Fred; and Florio-Graham, Barbara
Publisher: Bridgeross Communications
ISBN: 978-0-9866522-1-9

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Florio-Graham’s spirited introduction to Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List introduces the reader to a literary-minded coterie of friends that are bound together by their addiction to writing. Coming from all walks of life, including broadcasting, technology and education, they have contributed to this collection of short non-fiction pieces with accounts and revelations gleaned from their past. Their intimate portrayals of both the ups and downs of everyday existence are heartwarming in their sincerity and stimulating in their humorous portrayal of family and friends.
Grounded in almost three decades of active involvement in the Professional Writers' Association of Canada, Florio-Graham, together with her fellow editors, Irene Davis and Fred Desjardins,
have sifted through mounds of writing by 23 talented professionals, many of whom have had extensive experience of writing and publication, in order to come up with this memorable and fascinating collective biography that describes their daily travails and mixed fortunes in miniature.

Under “Misadventures,” among others, you’ll travel with alpacas, remove a toilet seat from around a toddler’s neck, grapple with a pest invasion, and rekindle the warmth of past attachments. In “Rear-view Mirror” you’ll look back on a Jewish childhood in Kensington, Toronto, spend time in Fort Smith, see Christmas from inside a Santa suit, be birthed with spina bifida, and lots, lots more. “What In the World” will enable you to share in celebrating the Rolling Stones, collecting geological marvels, baking pies for fall fairs, and becoming aquafit, among other activities of equally soul-stirring nature. “Love and Loss” will leave you surmounting writer’s block, mourning for a loved one that has passed away, and admiring the mementos bedecking a Christmas tree. “Exit Laughing” will add mirth to your life, regaling you with the funnier side of chlorination detail, crickets, and compliments, as well as sundry other topics. Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List ends with a short biography, including the website addresses, of each of the contributing authors, so that you can contact them or read more of their work if you would like to do so.         
Relatively short as the pieces may be, with nearly all being about three or four pages in length, they nevertheless share a wealth of experience with you. Start with dipping into one or two stories at a sitting and you are likely to find that you read for longer than you had originally intended. Ideal reading for relaxation and entertainment, these stories could also easily be read in bed at the end of a long day, or while you are feeling indisposed due to ill health or bad weather. There’s no need to stay marooned indoors—curl up by the fire in the company of this wide range of friends and you definitely won’t feel alone!  

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