Authors:  Maia Kinney-Petrucha and Stefan Petrucha
Publisher: Papercutz Slices
ISBN: 978-1-59707-244-1

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In the wake of the  tidal wave that was the Twilight saga, its various celluloid and merchandise spin offs, and the mass hysteria of enthralled teens around the globe, Papercutz Slices brings us this wicked spoof of ‘Breaking Dawn’, third in Stephanie Meyer’s trilogy.

Written by the father –daughter team of Stefan Petrucha and Maia Kinney-Petrucha, and illustrated by Rick Parker, ‘Breaking Down’ does just that – dismantle Meyer’s story about a girl and her undead beau, and rebuild it into this bawdy, no-holds- barred parody  that spares no one, not even characters from other literary classics (Frodo, that means you) . So the tepid Bella Swann is reincarnated as Bleh-Bleh, struggling to move on in the aftermath of her breakup with Fredward Sullen, a dishy immortal
with fangs and impeccably coiffed hair.  She seeks comfort (and then some) in electric sockets and that perennially shirtless werewolf, J-bob. Meanwhile, distraught at having lost Bleh-Bleh, Fredward (whose superhuman powers clearly do not extend to his hearing) borrows a trick from George Michael and  prepares to reveal his sparkly self in a public restroom. He is thwarted, thank God, by Bleh-Bleh, sister Malice and a well aimed toilet plunger, but not before catching the censorious eye of the Volare, those overdressed  guardians of the vampire code, and their army of lawyers. Soon, a reunited Fredward and Bleh-Bleh are on the run from that hellish legion of litigators, with a quick game of quidditch thrown in. Enter under-dressed J-bob  to keep things stirred up, a quick wedding and quicker pregnancy , and then, that greatest terror of all – child stars!

The Petruchas take some inspired swipes at the original; readers less than mesmerized by Meyer’s sappy but hugely successful yarn, will probably enjoy this little book.  Complementing their script nicely are  Rick Parker’s drawings, with caricatures clearly based on actors from the movie version of the book.

Will the Volare succeed in punishing Fredward ? Will Bleh-Bleh ever figure out what Fredward  really is ? Will their precious baby be the next Lindsay Lohan? Will J-bob ever put on a shirt? And, most critically, will that great battle between good and evil force Marrow Sullen to  miss the season premiere of ‘Glee’?  Answers to all these questions  are but  a Papercutz away.
As the afterword to this book declares, May the Farce be with you!

Click Here To Purchase Papercutz Slices #2: Breaking Down