Author: Dr. John Diamond
Publisher: Enhancement Books
ISBN: 1-890995-02-09

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In The Way of the Pulse: Drumming with Spirit, John Diamond, M.D., stresses that the Highest Creativity of all is Music, which he encourages in all his students. And, as singing and dancing are the highest form of Music, he teaches them to sing and dance on the Pulse. With the drum being the instrument that is most conducive to raising Life Energy, the author encourages all those who request his guidance in improving their lives to play drums. By doing so, they can come to access “the deep desire, the aspiration, to find the Way of the Pulse, Peace and Love – and to give these to others.”
the Foreword to this insightful work, Paul Cavaciuti, Dip.Mus., D.I.M.H., and former Head of Percussion, Musician’s Institute, stresses that this book is not merely for drummers or therapists, but that it is, rather, worthwhile reading for all those who are concerned with leading a more open-hearted, creative and untroubled life. In an array of both poetry and prose pieces, John Diamond provides an overview of such fundamental topics as “The Tide and The Pulse”, “Drumming, Pulse and Tao” and “The Drum and The Mother.”

Diamond’s approach is personal and grounded in everyday experience that he elevates to the realm of the transcendental. Inspiring and motivational, The Way of the Pulse: Drumming with Spirit is directed at all who have ever yearned to play the drums. Many readers may be aware of, or even belong to, drumming circles. The latter will already, no doubt, have experienced for themselves the trancelike ecstasy that is aroused by assimilating the hypnotic beat into the inner Sanctum of the essential Self. For any of you who might regard such an experience with a certain degree of trepidation, and have as yet faint twinges of fear as to the likelihood of such a medium opening up and exposing your own Heart of Darkness, Diamond urges that you embrace the pounding of your inner essence and cast your doubts and anxieties aside.
To those who have, by now, become accustomed to the sound of Diamond’s voice from his many works that are already on the market, his approach in The Way of the Pulse: Drumming with Spirit comes as no surprise. After all, his own utterances are quite hypnotic and it is no wonder that he urges his audience to read the works aloud. In short, the mesmerizing quality of this joyously written text should win you over, no matter your age or cultural background.        

Click Here To Purchaser The Way of the Pulse: Drumming With Spirit