Author: Dr. John Diamond
Publisher: Enhancement Books
ISBN:  1890995282

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The crux of this collection of short notes, which contains the seminal thoughts of Dr. John Diamond on the spiritual foundation of his therapeutic work, lies in his belief that “God meant for us to respect all the laws of nature in terms of nutrition, seeking peace and serenity, a oneness with nature and a balancing and a harmony of our energy, aspiring to be as one with Him.” In sharing with us his deepest thoughts on physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, he points us in the direction of how we can best seek to heal ourselves.
The first step, he says, is that of deciding that we want to know and feel energy in our bodies and that we want to experience full Positive
Health. Diamond illustrates what he has to say with examples from his own experience, as well as from that of others. Above all, his approach is logical and rational, tempered with the wisdom of his own practice. Although he does refer to some experts in the field of psychotherapeutic healing, such as Erikson and Melanie Klein, Diamond relies very much on his own primary research and findings, so that his approach comes across as exciting and innovative. By continuously interweaving his own opinions about key aspects of being with pivotal questions about the state of existence of humankind, he invites the reader to travel with him on a journey of self-discovery that can only help to make us more aware of our own capabilities in relation to our innermost motivations, instincts and desires.

Diamond’s interests are extremely diverse and wide-ranging. In exploring a subject, such as the role of the thymus in human functioning, one gains the impression that he has a great deal of knowledge through which he has sifted on behalf of the reader, and only seeks to impart that which is the most meaningful and relevant to his audience. By respecting his readership and by not wishing to show how erudite he is for the sake of self-aggrandizement, he gains our respect. In no way does he set out to waste our time on trivialities and inessentials. His use of footnotes is sparse, and these notes are more an overview of his own thoughts than a compilation of, or commentary on, the writings of others. Above all, he is a teacher and an educator in the art of healing, who well deserves the accolades that he has received for his pioneering work in the field of Life-Energy Analysis.
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