Authors': Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker
ISBN : 978-1-935290-14-8
Publisher: Diversion Press, Inc.

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Broomsticks will take you on an unforgettable, magical journey. It's a children's story about a special friendship and a magic you find in just being yourself. An engaging story guaranteed to charm you.
Nine-year-old Pocky McQuire knows she's different but has no idea why—not until she attends a school for gifted students. There she meets a strange boy with a goatee. From the moment she meets him, she knows he's different. Stamp (the strange boy) wants nothing to do with Pocky. Nothing to do with anyone mortal.
learning a few things about him, Pocky hopes to become friends as she yearns for him to teach her a few tricks of the trade.

Turns out Stamp is a little more gifted than she expected. But, Stamp is a sorcerer who doesn't need a novice. Suddenly she doesn't feel as alone in the world. Levitating books and freezing angry dogs in their tracks doesn't seem so bad after all.
 But will it take a special kind of magic to bring these two similar souls together?
Broomsticks is an enchanting tale sure to entertain all ages.

Katherine (Katie) McHugh Parker was born in Maysville, Kentucky on October 7, 1974 to Etta Molton McHugh and the late John Michael (Jack) McHugh. She graduated from St. Patrick's High School in Maysville. She received her Associate in Arts Degree from Maysville Community College, her BA in Elementary Education and MA in Elementary Guidance Counseling at Morehead State University. In 1997 she began teaching at St. Patrick's School, where she currently teaches 4th grade. She resides in Maysville with her husband Ricky and their daughter Sophia. It was in 2000 that her uncle Sean McHugh, a cartoonist and caricature artist at Disney World, offered her the opportunity to collaborate on a project to turn his comic strip "Broomsticks" into a children's chapter book. Diversion Press picked up the manuscript in 2009. It was released in October 2010.
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