Authors: Roger & Jennifer Sulham
Publisher: Inkblot Press LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9826414-9-1

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A family of hares living down by the lake in the forest of Kerfubble hears “a terrible noise / [that] made them quiver and quake.” Fearing that a monster is on the loose, they hop away as fast and as far as they can. On their way, they meet a whole host of different forest creatures who join them in fleeing the site of the noise. In turn, they meet up with Bobo the cat, two otters, a raccoon, a beaver, a fox, a deer, a bear, and a dog, who leads them all home to his master who lives on a farm. What the farmer does about it, and the lessons that are learned conclude this woodland tale.
In rhymed verse, What’s the Trouble in the Forest of Kerfubble