Author: John S. McFarland

Publisher: The Patrice Press

ISBN: 978-1-880397-69-5

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John McFarland’s’ The Black Garden’ borrows from the best traditions of  Southern Gothic horror, in its dark tale of a young woman battling an ancient evil. Reminiscent in tone and atmosphere to the work of Poe and Mary Shelley, ‘..Garden’  transports its readers to the confines of a small  French colonial village in the 1800s, where a  powerful malevolent force   preys on women who unwittingly submit to its advances.

It is 1882, and Perdita Baron –Reed has fled a sheltered life and dull fiancé in Boston to pursue her dreams of a life as a sculptor. Finding herself a position as teacher at a girls’ academy in the remote village of Ste. Odile, Perdita looks forward to a fresh start and the forging of new relationships.  But a  darkness hover over  the village, and deepens with the arrival of the sinister yet strangely enigmatic Orien Bastide, wealthy landowner and benefactor.