Author: Jane Matlock
Illustrator: Kate Seeley
ISBN: 9780975671917
Publisher: Think-a-lot Toys

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Fabulous Franko has quite a lot of fabulous toys which he takes on fabulous adventures! When Franko’s favorite new red car breaks, Franko finds a new favorite toy, until it also breaks down. The toys don’t quit coming until Franko’s imagination is too tired to handle more. Even then, he still has a few ideas in store.

My 4 year old daughters’ thoughts:

It was great! He had a car but that broke. He had a tank but that broke. He had a spaceship, but that broke. He had and airplane, but that broke too! When they broke he sat and was sad until he got a new toy. When he had no more money in his bank he played new
games, read, drawed a picture and had fun still. I’m going to draw a picture too!

This book was amazingly adorable and imaginative! My daughter and I had a grand time reading about Franko and his many adventures with his favorite toys. The book used some British English but comes with a handy glossary in the back for those few that might be unfamiliar. My daughter enjoyed learning the British English words and found a few of them funny. The book has some wonderful illustrations! They are imaginative and bring the story of Franko and his toys to life. The book is written in an easy rhyming format with four line stanzas making it easy to read. It is full of imagination and color with a humorous side!

Fabulous Franko and his Fabulous Toys was a great break from the crowd of books available for young readers. My daughter and I really enjoyed every minute of this book and we read it quite often. There are so many things to look at and draw attention to in the illustrations. I would highly suggest this book for children ages 2-8. My two year old didn’t sit for the entire book but instead she enjoys looking through the pages at all of the pictures. It is a book that parents can enjoy along with their children and book children can grow with.

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