Authors: Luke Wherry, Adam Kipple and Andrew Kipple

Publisher: Sourcebooks (September 7, 2010)

ISBN-10: 1402250711: ISBN-13: 978-1402250712

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Walmart may be a great place to shop, but did you ever think of it as a hilarious people-watching venue, where customers come in wearing the most outlandish attire-something akin to human zoos? Luke Wherry, Adam Kipple and Andrew Kipple with their People Of Walmart: Shop & Awe have put together two hundred photographs of shoppers visiting Walmart stores in their natural shopping habitat. Many of the photos have appeared on the popular website, which has received close to half a billion views since its inception in August 2009. However, according to the publicity letter I received, seventy percent of these images are new and have never before been included in the website. Each photo comes with a caption and even these words of wisdom will surely give you a good laugh.

Candidly, I have to admit that I envy some of these characters, such as the gentleman, who curled up in the shopping cart and as the caption reads: “You laugh, but this guy is a genius and an innovator for all men. What do you think the odds are that his wife insists on dragging him shopping with her ever again?” As for belly laughs, there are plenty, as the woman who seems to have back boobs or the half naked man in the parking lot showing off his butt with the caption “no tan line.” Then we have the innovators or as captioned, “smart shopping,” where you have a guy riding an electric wheel chair pulling a shopping cart that is attached to it with a rope. Unfortunately, however, there is a darker side to these photos, which is no laughing matter, as many of these attest to the immense problem of obesity that has swept through the USA with its dramatic increase over the past twenty years.

In addition to the photos, the authors have also included fan-submitted stories concerning their most random experiences. The “Ice Bath” kept me in stitches when a woman complained to a Walmart manager that she didn't waste money on water that her husband had purchased that was now all over the back seat of her car. Apparently, the husband did not purchase water but rather ice that was kept in the car for over four hours at a temperature of 98-degrees. The manager tried to explain to the customer that her husband purchased.....” when she interrupted screaming, my husband wanted to purchase ICE. The idiot here sold him WATER,” It seems some people don't know that when ice sits out in 98-degree weather it will melt and turn into water.

And there are other such goodies that will keep you flipping the pages. Perhaps, the next time you are shopping at Walmart, you may likewise find some winners.

Click Here To Purchase People of Walmart: Shop and Awe