Author:  Douglas Rees

ISBN:  978-0-385-73725-8

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Yes…here is yet another book to satisfy the appetites of people who love all things “vampire.”  In the first novel from this series, Vampire High, we were introduced to a highly “snooty and uptight” group of people who are extremely tall, very strong, and, of course, have retractable fangs. 

In this new offering, we once again enter the doors of Vlad Dracul, the only institution in Massachusetts that can “scream to the hills” that its student body is made up of mostly the “fanged” persuasion.  The vampires are referred to as the jenti; whereas the humans are referred to as the gadje; and, they do their absolute best to live side by side in human/monster harmony.  Now, a long time ago, the humans tried to wipe out the vampires that roamed the small town in Massachusetts, and there is an old, abandoned 19th century mill that played a huge part in the war between them.  And someone is about to come to town who may be able to unlock the past.

At the beginning of our story, we catch up with Cody – who is all set to start his sophomore year.  Unfortunately, there’s a hitch; coming in to the household is his strange off-beat cousin, Turk Stone.  Turk is a cool girl who spends most of her time creating brilliant Goth artwork and, unfortunately, not keeping her mouth closed.  Soon she disturbs some of the highly-snooty students, especially a brooding character by the name of Gregor. 

When Turk finds the 19th century mill, she immediately claims it for her new arts center project, yet the location holds secrets so sinister and frightening that Turk may not make it through the year alive.  Not only that, but the darkness that this land claims in its past may not be unveiled to Turk or Cody’s eyes, seeing as that its protected by a mysterious vampire army called the Mercians.

Fans have been waiting for this sequel for a long time, and I’m sure they will be thrilled to see this available on their libraries’ book shelves.  The author certainly knows his audience, being that Mr. Reese is a young adult librarian and knows how to speak to the “fang-loving” masses.  In fact, Vampire High was awarded many honors including the Connecticut Nutmeg Book Award, and a nomination for best children’s book of 2004 from the Northern California Booksellers’ Association.  I would assume that we will soon be seeing Vampire High up on the big screen following in Ms. Meyer’s illustrious footsteps.  I’m sure we’ll all look forward to what exactly will happen Junior Year inside the walls of Vlad Dracul.

Click Here To Purchase Vampire High: Sophomore Year