Author: Nikhil Jaisinghani
Publisher: Create Space
ISBN-10: 1451513437
ISBN: 978-1451513431

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Straw Berry Country by Nikhil Jaisinghani is a cute story about Straw and his family moving from the city to the country. Straw had friends in the city and wasn't happy about the move but his father, Mr. Berry, was a scarecrow and had a good job in the country.

Straw and his brother Overall start to enjoy the country when they make friends and start to learn all the different things they can do in the country they couldn't do in the city. They fill their days with running in the fields, playing in the leaves in the fall, and discovering snowballs and snow forts.

Straw is also happy to have his father spending time at home during the winter and sharing stories about his work. Until that is the day Straw and Overall meet their first Snowman. The snowman scares them and Straw is concerned the snowman may take his father's job as a scarecrow and they would have to move back to the city.

The story and dialogue in Straw Berry Country is cute and fitting for younger children although the few illustrations don't seem to hold the attention of younger readers. I did notice on Amazon "Straw Berry Country" was recommended for 9-12 year olds... I'm afraid I don't see this book holding the interest of that age group at all.

Another problem I found were several grammar or typing errors in the book for example: "The two of the scampered through the newly fallen snow..." I am sure should be 'The two of them". These errors are confusing for young readers.

There are some very nice descriptive phrases in the book such as: “As the weeks passed by, the autumn leaves broke free from the branches, danced through the wind, and settled on the ground below.” And the dialogue between Straw and Overall is very realistic but because of the confusion of recommended age I don’t see “Straw Berry Country” being a favorite in our house.

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