Author: Christine Brodien-Jones
ISBN:  978-0-385-73814-9

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This wonderful new middle-grade author has produced a fantastical story that not only offers a magical realm, but also teaches some amazing life lessons.

The world has gone through the Great Destruction.  The new government is referred to as The High Echelon, and they oversee every aspect of every citizen’s life.  They own the airwaves, and all radio programming that’s transmitted into homes is focused on the rules, regulations, and new world of residential “domes” that the government is building.  Inside the domes, there will be sunshine all the time.  Now, this might sound like Paradise to some, but the feeling of being constantly watched is also part of the deal. 

Not only are all residents being made to move into these colonies, but the government also runs all the schools, prisons, and employ all residents – most of them inside a very large chocolate factory.  All citizens’ work all the time, vacation time has been outlawed, and all employees must only say fabulous things about their employer for fear of imprisonment…or worse.  At the schools, children are allowed to attend until they’re twelve; at that time, they are taken out of school and assigned a field of study.  These fields of study can be dark and frightening, like being placed down in a mine for the rest of your days.

Now, in these darkest of days, there is a prophecy.  Someday the Owl Keeper will appear and unite the Sages and the owls to defeat the Absolute Dark and restore order to this magical world.  Most of the owls have been rounded up and killed; while most of the Sages have fled or been imprisoned by the High Echelon.  Hope has pretty much been lost by all except…Max.

Max is a young boy who suffers from a strange illness that makes it impossible for him to go out in the sunlight.  This rare allergy to sun particles has caused him to live inside his house with the curtains drawn for most of his life.  His parents work long days at the chocolate factory and Max barely sees them at all.  Who he does see is his nanny Mrs. Crumlin who is a bit of a pain; she can’t cook; talks only the “company” line; and watches Max like a hawk.  In fact, the only peace Max has is at night when he leaves his house and goes to his owl tree, where a small silver owl with luminescent golden eyes awaits him every night.  Max will do anything to keep the owl away from the people who wish to do the creature harm.  One night, he meets a young woman sitting under his tree named Artemis Rose Eccles.  She is strong, opinionated, and seems to know far more about the world and the dark forces that are trying to destroy the land than Max does.  Teaming up, they go on a journey to follow the prophecy and find the Owl Keeper before it’s too late.

There are so many intricate story lines in this book that the reader is completely engaged.  I, for one, couldn’t put it down.  The descriptive phrases of Max’s world – not to mention the extremely unique and entertaining characters – made this a fantastic read.  I love it when a new author comes into being – especially one who absolutely knows what they’re doing, and introduces readers to a whole new glorious world.  I can’t wait for Book II.


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